7 Responses to Jocks put squeeze on Eckstein for still more cash

  1. Duck Soup says:

    A story in the Oregonian and ed in the RG about OUS campus reserves — UO @ $57 million.

    Does anyone understand what these reserves mean? I certainly don’t hear of big piles of cash sitting around at UO — except for CAS reserves being cannibalized for science research startups — the alternative being hire no new science research faculty.

    Is this a case for Financial Duck?

  2. Financial Duck says:

    Good question, Soup — dunno the answer.

    Suggest you ask your Senate Budget Committee and/or the Senate Pres and/or the VP for Admin/Finance and or the President’s Office.

    Seems like if UO really has that big a stash of cash sitting around, tuition hikes and/or increased state appropriations will be a hard sell.

    I doubt that there’s really that much dough in the kitchen, but as I say, I really don’t know.

  3. Anonymous says:

    These reserves very likely include each department’s individual reserves which roll up to the UO’s reserves. Not just an administrative pile of money. If your dept. has carry forward, it has reserves.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Dog, I don’t understand this any better now.

    Can you at least point in that 100+ page report to the pages where they talk about the reserve funds?

    • Anonymous says:

      Dog says, fair enough – I said I didn;t have time to digest it, it was just
      the most comprehensive budget document I could find. It may in fact not
      expose the “reserve/surplus” issue very well. If that’s the case, I will
      stick to my short story interpretation and apologize for posting a link,
      to a perhaps, irrelevant document.