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Frohnmayer et al billed Deschutes County $55K

for pursuing an unsuccessful ethics complaint against DA Patrick Flaherty:

Update: For a copy of the $35,000 summer contract Berdahl wrote Frohnmayer, see page 15 here. For info on Randy Geller’s efforts to get his firm $864,000 plus new UO contracts, see here.

County Counsel Mark Pilliod supplied these contracts and detailed invoices promptly and without charge – far more helpful than UO’s General Counsel’s office, which responds to public records requests with invoices like these – when they respond at all.

And thanks to that muckracking Jack Bog for the link.

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  1. Anonymous 08/14/2012

    Poor Dave, having to scrape by on 6 minute $55 increments plus PERS, while Mark Emmert gets $2 million a year and all the glory at the NCAA.

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