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Frohnmayer loses one ethics case, two others still open

It’s a long story. And some might say Frohnmayer won in the economic sense, having successfully billed the Deschutes County taxpayers for $550 an hour for his work pursuing this failed, politically motivated complaint, while simultaneously collecting a UO paycheck as “President Emeritus” and the 5th highest PERS payout in Oregon history – not that I’m an economist.

But two weeks ago the Oregon Bar’s ethics board rejected the complaint Frohnmayer had been pursuing against Deschutes County DA Patrick Flaherty. Meanwhile the countervailing ethics complaint against Frohnmayer et al. is still open. Last I heard he and Bill Gary of Harrang Long et al had just ignored the Bar’s request for a response to this letter accusing them of a variety of violations of legal ethics rules.

What does all this have to do with Randy Geller’s efforts to help Frohnmayer and his firm get UO contracts plus a double payment on their billing of $432,000 for a public records case involving former AG John Kroger? Or Frohnmayer’s ethics complaint against former AAG Sean Riddell? Nothing, apparently. Interesting way to make a living though. 8/6/2012.


  1. Anonymous 08/07/2012

    When do we get a story on the dozens (scores? hundreds?) of ethics complaints you filed that were dismissed?

  2. Anonymous 09/04/2012

    Any news on the complaint against Frohnmayer filed by Ms. Wright? Seems like a couple of months have gone by with no developments…

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