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Gottfredson to appoint Mullens as Interim Provost

That’s the rumor overheard Saturday night down at the opening of the Faculty Club’s new Lariviere Smoking Lounge:

“Seriously, it’s a brilliant move, gives me a little hope for this place. Mullens looks out for his people – he got his coaches 21% raises and bonuses, they didn’t even need a union, and he’s building them new offices too. He’s a creative fundraiser, and Phil Knight trusts him. Bean, on the other hand, well he’s had his shot at the job, and spent most of his time looking out for #1. This year he’s up for a performance review, and he knows what happened to Tomlin. Geller is meeting with Gottfredson Monday, says he’s got a plan to ease Bean out quickly. Something about a Provost Emeritus appointment …”

That’s all I know, they started whispering when the waiter came by to refill my scotch.


  1. Anonymous 09/09/2012

    You took my comment and ran with it. Nice work.

  2. UO Matters 09/09/2012

    Guilty. Thanks.

  3. Anonymous 09/09/2012

    Big pay cut for Rob, but he’s a team player. If Phil wants this, he’ll do it.

  4. Angry old lady 09/09/2012

    Too bad we can get an Emeritus Legal position at the same time. If its true, and I really hope it is…To see Bean out of a job..priceless, but don’t stop there….

    Gottredson needs to do a salary justification on the JH administration. What is it any of these over paid administrators do that can’t be done for less. I have yet to find ANYTHING any one of them have done that justify their bloated salaries (well except for finding ways to bloat their salaries more…they are creative).

    Compare any one of them with actual work done by our Faculty or even a classified position and you can see….they get paid to walk around looking important and carry a “title”….but most not worth a plug nickle these days. Too self serving and greedy.

    So I say find people who are interested in administering the education of students and working in service to the faculty to succeed and not here for their title and paycheck….see what ya come up with.

    • Anonymous 09/10/2012

      Emeritus Provost…heeheehee

  5. Anonymous 09/10/2012

    As I recall, the decline in quality and increase in numbers of the UO Administration began about the time of Moseley’s invasion of JH. Just sayin’,

  6. Tell me you didn't just say that 09/10/2012

    Oh, yes you are so correct. Then DaveF came in and really bolstered the “plan” to perfection. The person that knows the whole story would be Dave Hubin…he was always on Dave F right hand….he knows the plan. Then again changes in positions had to have approval so I’m thinking good old arse wipe penny knows the F&M plan for bolstering their salaries and retirement. But I would grill Dave H first.

  7. Anonymous 09/10/2012

    “Looking out for #1” nails it. An organizational psychologist would have a field day with what goes on inside Johnson Hall.

    • Anonymous 09/10/2012

      Or maybe a criminologist?

  8. Anonymous 09/10/2012

    21% might even have kept some of the science profs that are now leaving.

    • Anonymous 09/10/2012

      I don’t think salary is the reason why they’re leaving.

  9. Anonymous 09/10/2012

    Is anyone credible doing some honest exit interviews an

    • Anonymous 09/11/2012

      Dog say

      they are not even doing incredible or dishonest exit interviews.
      Its just -‘see ya- don’t let the door slam on your exiting butt’ – you’re replaceable. When we had start up funds that might be the case, but not now. Salary is not the issue – excessive bullshit that gets in the way of research is the issue.

  10. uomatters 09/11/2012

    I’ve heard concerns about Mullen’s lack of academic credentials. They are spurious. Chancellor Pernsteiner doesn’t have a PhD either, and look what a great job he’s done. And if Alfred Nobel had endowed a prize in Creative Accounting, Mullens would be UO’s first Nobel Laureate.

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