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Clawbacks of Kelly and Mullens bowl bonuses?

1/16/2012: Ducks confirm Kelly’s going to the Eagles. So the contractual issues below are back on the table. Is UO going to take steps now to ensure it can recoup some of the costs of the Kelly / Lyles recruiting violations from Kelly, or is the academic side going to get stuck with the tab again?

12/20/12. Here are the contracts for AD Rob Mullens and Coach Chip Kelly, which include bonuses for bowl appearances and wins. If UO had agreed to a plea bargain over the Lyles recruiting infractions that included vacating some of these wins, could UO have clawed back the bonuses? I’ve got a question on that in to UO’s VPFA Jamie Moffitt. Due diligence, I think the lawyers call this. More later.

And of course Kelly’s contract includes a clause allowing UO to dock his pay for NCAA infractions, etc.


  1. Not Chip Kelly 12/20/2012

    I like your spread offense on this on.

  2. Anonymous 12/20/2012

    There would seem to be an obvious conflict of interest in allowing the AD to participate in negotiations with the NCAA that included this potential outcome. Look through the list of members of the OGEC, and see if any of them are Beavers!

  3. Anonymous 12/21/2012

    Silly economist. It’s just like Wall Street. They make big bonuses. They run UO into the ground. They leave town. They keep big bonuses.

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