The NCAA in Crisis: Today at the UO Alumni building

Update: UO student journalist Will Rubin has an excellent report on last week’s UO symposium, here. Complete with a brief quote from De’Anthony Thomas – then his lawyer cut him off. AAD Craig Pintens keeps a tight leash on what athletes say in public, so don’t expect any uncensored comments from the Duck’s current revenue producers on unionization, rights to player likenesses, concussions, random pot testing, and so on. Notably absent from the panel were UO’s soon to be replaced FAR and NCAA cartel enforcer Jim O’Fallon (Law) and the UO Senate’s current IAC chair and wannabe sports lawyer Rob Illig.

4/11/2014: Complete with the NYT’s Joe Nocera – our Faculty Athletic Rep Jim O’Fallon’s nemesis. Many other well known speakers. No idea why this wasn’t better advertised. From

Friday, April 11, 2014
9:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Lee Barlow Giustina Ballroom, Ford Alumni Center
1720 East 13th Eugene, Oregon 97403

Oregon Law Review’s spring symposium, The NCAA in Crisis: the Crossroads of Intercollegiate Sports, will provide a forum for a comprehensive inquiry into questions regarding the current state of NCAA regulations and enforcement, and an analysis of Ed O’Bannon v. NCAA and its potential implications on amateurism, anti-trust law, the gaming industry, and possible legislature involvement. Through this inquiry, Oregon Law Review hopes to formulate and analyze possible solutions to the NCAA’s current issue: how does the NCAA amend its regulatory and enforcement mechanisms to create a more efficient, effective, and fair organization?

Register Today! Registration fee includes admission to three interactive panel discussions, breakfast refreshments, and a buffet lunch.

Presenters Include:
Timothy Davis, Wake Forest University School of Law
Marc Edelman, Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College, City University of New York
Gabe Feldman, Tulane University Law School
Todd Hairston, Wake Forest University
Michael McCann, University of New Hampshire Law and Sports Illustrated
Matthew Mitten, Marquette University Law School
Joe Nocera, The New York Times
Bryan Porto, Vermont Law School
Josephine Potuto, University of Nebraska
Stephen Ross, Penn State Dickinson School of Law
Rodney Smith, Thomas Jefferson School of Law
Kenneth L. Shropshire, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
Jeffrey Standen, Northern Kentucky University School of Law

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3 Responses to The NCAA in Crisis: Today at the UO Alumni building

  1. awesome0 says:

    When college sports go belly up, I call dibs on an office In the sweat shop.

  2. Leporello says:

    There were posters all over the law school.