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Gottfredson stonewalls on Duck response to rape allegations, while coaches cash $95K bonus checks

Andrew Greif has the latest in the Oregonian:

EUGENE — University of Oregon officials on Wednesday declined to name which person or department at the university was informed on March 9 about rape allegations against three Ducks men’s basketball players, but both UO and Eugene police said it is common practice for the athletic department to be informed of accusations against student athletes as soon as they are known. …

In between the alleged rape and April 8, Dotson and Artis played in the Pac-12 Tournament on March 12-13 and in the NCAA basketball tournament on March 20 and 22. Six weeks after the end of the season, UO announced on Monday that Dotson, Artis and Austin — a transfer who did not play this season — are currently not taking part in team activities. Austin left Providence College last winter in the wake of sexual assault case against him there.

Also Wednesday, an athletic department official confirmed that postseason bonuses totaling $95,000 were paid in April to the Ducks basketball coaching staff for the team’s performance in the NCAA Tournament. Head coach Dana Altman, who has not been made available for comment and has not returned calls, received $50,000, while assistants Kevin McKenna, Brian Fish and Tony Stubblefield received $15,000 each.

More on AD Rob Mullens’ perverse financial incentives to delay telling campus about this here. And an Oregonian editorial here, with the usual hand-wringing about UO’s athletic excesses. This time quite a bit sadder than last year’s “University of Nike” stuff.


  1. College sports 05/07/2014

    Money for the coaches, power for the administrators, tailgating for the alumni, concussions for the players, and rape for the students.

  2. chuck desler 05/07/2014

    this has got to be some of the sickest stuff I have ever heard of….

    graduated in 68 and this stuff is unheard of….

    embarrassing to those of us who live there…but this current stuff is really sick…

    I have written the administration but they are the three monkeys…

    feel sorry for you guys…the current situation is an embarrassment for all

    • Anonymous 05/07/2014

      The Oregonian’s op-ed suggests that a good start to making things right “would be to donate the money designated for coaches’™ bonuses to nonprofits that promote sexual assault awareness and/or help victims.” That’s a good start but doesn’t go nearly far enough. I am so disgusted by the UO administration’s despicable handling of this incident that I want to call upon all of my fellow alumni considering a donation to the university to do the same: instead of feeding the athletic machine further, let us help those who have been victimized by it!

  3. anonymous 05/09/2014

    I suspected it was about $. Coach Dana Altman is busy counting his $50,000 bonus– No comments from him!

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