Trustees post new delegation of authority policy, invite Berdahl to lunch

5/30/2014 update: Rumors prove false. The Trustees have now posted the June 12-13 meeting material, here. The delegation revisions start at page 55. At first glance this new draft seems to have addressed at least some of the Senate’s problems with Geller’s initial secret policy, but expect further review by the Senate’s ad hoc committee, chaired by President Rob Kyr (Music).

In other news, the board will host a public roundtable lunch discussion with former Interim UO President Bob Berdahl on Thursday, June 12. Berdahl’s brief presidency (and the hiring of Sharon Rudnick) was instrumental in persuading the UO faculty, including me, that a faculty union was needed to counterbalance the bat-shit craziness in Johnson Hall. As it has proved to be.

Among Berdahl’s last acts at UO were giving Jim Bean and Randy Geller three-year contract extensions, the dismantling of President Lariviere’s transparency initiative, and big raises for Rob Mullens and his coaches.

Highlights of his earlier career as UC-Berkeley President include committing the university to an unaffordable football stadium, quickly followed by a lucrative golden parachute buyout. Given the current situation with Mike Gottfredson and our Trustees, it is clear Berdahl’s expertise on buyouts will be invaluable.

5/30/2014 update: Gottfredson hiding new draft of “Delegation of Board Authority” policy from faculty?

Rumor down at the faculty club cocktail hour is that Gottfredson’s lawyers have prepared a new version of the “Delegation of Authority” policy, and are again hiding it from the faculty.

4/23/2014 update: The Senate “ad hoc committee on cleaning up Geller’s latest mess” is having their next to last meeting today. They are doing a thorough job, reports and redlined versions here.

4/12/2014 update: Gottfredson misleads Senate about secrecy on Board authority policy

The report by UO’s new $115K Senior Director of Communication Affairs Tobin Klinger in “Around the O” gives Gottfredson’s excuse to the Senate for hiding Geller’s delegation of authority policy from the faculty:

Prior to the [Senate] discussion, President Michael Gottfredson spoke on the board meeting actions, expressing his regret that the timing of the board meeting had not allowed for adequate comment and reflection on the policy from the campus community.

Bullshit: Nothing prevented Gottfredson telling the Senate about this months ago, or from sending the Senate an email with a heads up and the draft policy. Rumor has it he didn’t even tell his Faculty Advisory Council, whom he meets with weekly.

How long has he known this was coming? A year? Geller was so paranoid about keeping the policy secret he even told faculty Trustee Susan Gary (Law) to sent her comments to him privately and not to the other Board members. This was Randy’s effort to subvert Oregon’s open meetings law, which according to the Attorney General applies to meetings conducted via email discussions, but not necessarily one-on-one exchanges.

The next Senate working group meeting on fixing Geller’s policy is Wed April 16, 1:15, in the Johnson Hall conference room. It’s an open meeting.

4/7/2014: Kyr Committee to defend UO from Administration’s spring break coup attempt

Since this committee will be advising the UO Board by taking a fat red marker to Gellers’ policy, these are public meetings.

Thursday, April 3

3:00 – 4:00 pm
Johnson Hall Conference Room

Wednesday, April 9
1:15 – 2:30 pm
Johnson Hall Conference Room

Wednesday, April 16
1:15 – 2:30 pm
Lewis Lounge

Wednesday, April 23
1:15 – 2:30 pm
Johnson Hall Conference Room

Wednesday, April 30
1:15 – 2:30 pm
Johnson Hall Conference Room

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4 Responses to Trustees post new delegation of authority policy, invite Berdahl to lunch

  1. W. Shakespeare says:

    This is certainly fair use, but my earlier play Richard III seems even more appropriate.

  2. Severinus de Monzambano says:

    Now we know why he didn’t think the CBA could contain a clause on shared governance.

  3. not John Kroger says:

    The policy Randy Geller wrote for your Board of Trustees is a “hack job”. He must have had help from his General Counsel Emeritus, Melinda Grier

  4. G&T says:

    Ease up dude – he’s busy updating his vitae, and his staff are all sending out job applications. I hear Doug Park will be leaving next.