6 Responses to Trustees appoint Angela Wilhelms as Secretary

  1. Andy Stahl says:

    Perfect fit to help Trustees babysit UO. A Republican apparatchik. Press secretary to Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR), chief of staff to Bruce Hanna (Republican-in-waiting to DeFazio’s U.S. House seat). Loves sports and is patriotic, too.

  2. uomatters says:

    Andy, you’re attacking her on the grounds that she worked for Republicans? That’s a bit much.

    • Andy Stahl says:

      I attacked Ms. Wilhelms? Hardly. I said she’s a “perfect fit” for a Board of Trustees whose creation was catalyzed by deep pockets with an interest in controlling the UO and its faculty. Let me know what happens the next time UO faculty bruises the tender egos of multi-national sportswear titans or timber barons.

      • uomatters says:

        Sorry Andy, I’m a bit sensitive on the issue, I guess from fear my new union brothers might start looking into my political donations, which run the gamut from “Free Jeff Leuers” to the Reagan Library Fund.

  3. Wilhelms’ firm, Dunn Carney et. al., also represents United Academics and the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation.