Gottfredson to backdate another Affirmative Action Plan

8/3/2014 update: On Friday UO’s AA Director Penny Daugherty posted UO’s 2014-15 Affirmative Action Plan. Only a month late, which by her standards is not bad. Some years she doesn’t bother to file it at all. The new PDF is here. The stats and hiring goals are at the back. Please, don’t call them quotas, but the UO administration will give your department $90K if you can persuade a new hire to check the right box on Ms Daugherty’s race card, here:

It doesn’t look like Gottfredson has got around to signing off on her latest plan yet, although his PR flacks at Around the O have just announced that his “President’s Diversity Advisory Community Council” will meet Aug 7. It’s got 21 members, but they won’t list any names. Will that be a public meeting? Dream on.

Gottfredson could establish a little credibility on the diversity issue if he replaced Ms Daugherty. But instead it looks like he’s going to keep on backdating documents for her:

6/12/2013. Penny Daugherty to resign as AAEO Director?

That’s the rumor, but instead she’ll probably get another raise. I wonder if she’s going to get UO’s Affirmative Action Plan prepared on time this year? She’s failed to do that almost every year since she was hired, which puts UO out of compliance with federal law. Sometimes she just blows it off entirely. Last year she was late again, though you wouldn’t catch that from President Gottfredson’s signature on it, unless you happened to know he wasn’t hired until August 1, 2012:


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2 Responses to Gottfredson to backdate another Affirmative Action Plan

  1. Anonymous says:

    What a tradition of incompetent leadership we have. It never stops.

    Nice start MG.

  2. angry old lady says:

    Oh my is there any surprise here. Long ago things were done by rule of law. But then along came a new pres….around ’92 or so….he scrapped all law,…with superior knowledge and reputation to do so and hired that back side kissing yes woman they have now in AAEO and this place has never been the same. When will the powers that be figure out that plans and reports are bogus…and have been for decades…what happens then? Talk about slick dick….or was it slick dave….???
    Anyone care to add up the federal dollars to be flushed if the scam were to be uncovered??? Even that bone head director couldn’t save you guys.
    Its all good though…slick D got his money and the administration got there’s too so all the rest of ya can just burn….not their problem! They all be laughing all the way to the bank each month anyway. Who cares???