Board of Trustees, Senate sign deal guaranteeing shared governance

Full agreement posted on the Senate website, here.

Oh wait, that’s one of our AAU comparators, the University of Florida, 11 years ago. The latest here at the University of Oregon is that our brand new Board of Trustees is still planning to strip the UO Senate of its powers at its Dec 11th meeting. The UO Senate has in turn scheduled an emergency meeting for this Wed, 3PM, 115 Lawrence to respond to this threat.

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5 Responses to Board of Trustees, Senate sign deal guaranteeing shared governance

  1. Clueless says:

    And the there are the lessons learned from U Virgibnia and others when shared governance is ignored:

    Are you listening UO BOT? This could happen here.

  2. Friend says:

    At least we’re not at risk of losing professors to Florida! Oh wait (relevant lines are the first two of Experience)

  3. The 3rd Moffitt says:

    Word on the street is, at least one prof and dept. head are on board to give X grades, as the option hasn’t been blocked in Duckweb. They have a prominent football player in the class, and they aren’t going to tell JH what they are doing.

  4. Former GTF says:

    The question of whether football players would be academically eligible is moot, “X” grades or not. There’s way too much money on the line, even if you take UO out of the picture. Scrapping or postponing the game would cause major headaches and huge financial losses for – in no particular order and off the top of my head – the NCAA, Vegas, FSU, Rose Bowl trustees, LA-area hotels, etc. Not to mention the PR nightmare for the NCAA (this is the first year of the playoff system, and it’s already proved controversial among sports fans).

    If it came to a head the NCAA would either grant all the waivers they need to or hastily re-write their rulebook to ensure that all playoff games go ahead without a hitch.

    (Besides, why punish the players for something that’s completely out of their hands? /sarcasm)

  5. plastered says:

    Well, at least we have a better football team. And better weather.