Triplett hire triggers OFCCP audit of UO’s affirmative action compliance?

That’s the latest rumor. Chuck Triplett is Pernsteiner’s former OUS Board secretary, hired by Gottfredson last summer to the new $130K position of “Assistant VP for Collaboration”, without an affirmative action compliant search or public notice. The OFCCP website says:

The purpose of the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs is to enforce, for the benefit of job seekers and wage earners, the contractual promise of affirmative action and equal employment opportunity required of those who do business with the Federal government.

Coltrane has already ordered a freeze and review of UO Strategic Communication’s hiring. I don’t know if this is related to that.

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5 Responses to Triplett hire triggers OFCCP audit of UO’s affirmative action compliance?

  1. curious says:

    There is an office that checks for contract compliance and hiring practices? Tell me more UOMatters

  2. blow that whistle says:

    They really ought to take a look at the Center on Teaching & Learning. Ed K promoted internally with no search at all for a 150k position, qualified female candidates within the organization weren’t given the option to apply. This was in the Espy era, so it would be interesting to find if she signed off on it.

    That doesn’t even get into the nepotistic promotions that followed, also without searches. They’re running wild over there.

    [UOM: 1 sentence deleted because of excessive gossipyness]

    • Dr. Funkenstein says:

      Man, I’d pay money to see that excessive gossipyness. Or fresh roasted coffee beans. From my own roaster.

  3. Angry Old Lady says:

    People can list entire departments, offices and even entire, buildings that have employees “picked and paid off” to do the bidding of this current bloated administration at the UO….and the OFCCP will do nothing until a complaint is filed by someone impacted in a discriminative way by these illegal actions of the UO. Look crap has been going on for decades now…there is no lacking in the ability to find a subhuman slime that can be bought for a few dollars. No shortage of people with no integrity, or interest in keeping things honest. I mean just open the doors to a central building on campus and let the crap flow! Anyway the OFCCP if warranted could stop all federal funds from getting to the U if the U is found in violation of law…but a complainant has to be found first.

    I would say there are many past employees that don’t even know they can file a complaint. And I am sure there are just as many “wannabe employed” people that could file a complaint….but lack the knowledge on grounds, Not like the AAEO office is going to pass that information on….there isn’t a more worthless place to go and get worthy information. ….bought for a price.