HECC approves UO Board’s pet Sports Product Degree

3/13/2015 update: And boy is PSU pissed. Allan Brettman has the report in the Oregonian, here:

The state Higher Education Coordinating Commission on Thursday approved UO’s application to start a Master of Science in Sports Product Management. The program, long sought by the region’s sports products companies, will enroll students this fall.

But before the commission’s 6-2 vote in Salem, PSU President Wim Wiewel delivered a fusillade of criticism at the program. He accused UO of failing to collaborate with PSU on the curriculum and made clear his dissatisfaction with any other state higher education institution infringing on PSU’s turf.

“You are deciding if you are going to allow our public universities to engage in a free-for-all for the Portland geographic area,” Wiewel told commissioners in prepared remarks before the vote.

UO officials, for their part, were delighted with the board’s vote. They noted that the program has been under formation for about two years, has widespread support from companies such as Nike, Columbia Sportswear and Keen, and is expected to enhance the region’s existing reputation as the epicenter for athletic footwear, sportswear and outdoor products.

“This program creates an educational pathway to help the state retain its advantage in this important area,” Frances Bronet, acting UO senior vice president and provost, said in prepared remarks. …

Off course it’s already a money pit, despite promises donors would pay for it. And it’s sucking up time that UO’s administrators could have spent supporting research that might help keep us in the AAU. And it’s cost UO maybe $500K in Jim Bean. That said, it’s a natural for UO.

7/5/2015: UO’s big new strategic initiatives: sports and police

The announcement is here: http://provost.uoregon.edu/content/fy15-strategic-initiatives. It’s not all bad, but of course Jim Bean’s sports product design proposal gets a bundle:

New Tenure Related Faculty Position: Sports Product Management

AAA and LCB jointly submit a strategic initiative in Sports Products that seeks to educate product designers and design process managers for the state’s largest, homegrown, alpha-cluster of companies, and to conduct research critical to their continued success. This collaboration addresses an academic opportunity, to launch a program which enables two critical components that Oregon owns: one is that of connecting design and hands-on learning with strategic management practices; two propels a model of embodied learning, where action art/athletics/physical health/sports are a rich part of an intellectual and learning continuum.

School of Architecture and Allied Arts/ Lundquist College of Business

$140K recurring , $450K start up

There’s also $500K plus $130K recurring for the UOPD’s new information system. Remember when Frances Dyke told Floyd Prozanski and the State Legislature that an independent UOPD was going to cost maybe $66K? She lied. Their budget has increased from $2 to $5 million, even before this:

Computer-Aided Dispatch/Record Management System (CAD/RMS)

The Communication and Emergency Response Center (CERC) serves the UO community by providing dispatch and emergency communication services for UOPD, Parking and Transportation, Environmental Health and Safety, Student Affairs and Campus Operations, serving a population of approximately 30,000. UOPD maintains its own communications and records units, and works closely with the City of Eugene Police Department (EPD). The current CAD system was installed in 1997 and no longer interfaces with the City of Eugene PD system. UOPD must implement a modern Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)/Record Management System (RMS) that will serve the current and future needs of both the UOPD and other campus partners, with end-to-end encrypted VPN (virtual private network) connection to City of Eugene servers and CJI (criminal justice information) systems.

$130K recurring, up to $500K one time

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8 Responses to HECC approves UO Board’s pet Sports Product Degree

  1. Raven says:

    “UOPD was going to cost maybe $66K? She lied. Their budget has increased from $2 to $5 million”
    When the U of O changed from unarmed campus security to all armed police officers, I asked an armed campus officer Why?

    Part of his answer was “All the other PAC 12 campuses have armed officers”. Damn! Everything seems to wind back to sports @ the U of O.

    One additional snarky remark– a lot of good this enhanced security did for the alleged student rape case last year. Let’s hope the Jane Doe lawsuit serves as a catalyst for major change- and that includes the spendy campus security department to do the right thing for students- not scandal cover ups.

    • Nobody says:

      I’m with Raven for sure! We need to get the senate to un-authorize the UOPD & go back to public safety. The money being pissed away is disgusting!

    • Athletics says:

      That extra $3 Mil was supposed to make sure athletic scandals got covered up properly. The weak link in that case was that someone reported to EPD, who in turn outright stated that UO/UOPD was lying. UOPD since filed a MOU with EPD to make sure that they never get caught again.

  2. Raven says:

    Because the U of O is just not sports-centric enough!

  3. Statless says:

    … and applied math!

    • yeah says:

      Met a math professor the other day. Asked them what they did for research. Said they’d tell me but they’d have to kill me.

      Statistics, particularly wed to artificial intelligence and machine learning would be a nice bridge to computer science and help us attract more STEM majors even though we have no engineering.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of programs that could exist on multiple campuses, would anybody mind if we got a statistics department? Please? Pretty please?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Sports and cops are “strategic complements”

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