Final offers from OUS and SEIU submitted to arbitration

8/21/2015: There is a helpful chart comparing the proposals on the SEIU webpage here. My understanding is that the arbitrator now picks between the proposals, and if the SEIU bargaining team is not satisfied they can then give 30 days notice of a strike, which would likely start during move-in week at UO.

8/14/2015: Still no contract for UO’s staff

While the faculty celebrate their contract, remember that the SEIU staff are still negotiating with the dying remnants of former Chancellor George Pernsteiner’s once powerful OUS empire. Noah McGraw has the story in the Emerald, here:

Negotiations between the Service Employees International Union and Oregon’s Public Universities over the past three days have not resulted in an agreement. Yesterday the administration filed for an impasse, meaning they believe an agreement is not possible.

Well over 100 service workers, students and union supporters gathered in the park across Franklin St. by the Onyx Bridge today to discuss the news over hamburgers and hotdogs. Several people spoke at the event, including the union president, ASUO members, a former GTFF president, and lead SEIU bargainers.

Rob Sisk, the president of SEIU Local 503 spoke first, harshly criticizing the university. “We have to teach them a labor history lesson,” Sisk said energetically. “We’re going to teach that lesson until they take a test and get an A!” As Sisk spoke, alternating boos and cheers filled the air, mixing with thick clouds of smoke coming from the barbecue.

Johnny Earl, a lead bargainer for SEIU, spoke next, giving updates on the administration’s proposals. According to Earl, Oregon’s Public Universities is offering a 1.25 percent salary increase this year, up from 1 percent, but nowhere near the 3 percent SEIU is asking for.

“I’m the last person to tell you I want to go on strike,” Earl told the crowd, “but I’m the first person to tell you we deserve better.”

Many speakers voiced their concern over what they called the “corporatizing of education,” or turning higher education into a business. Earl said that University of Oregon President Michael Schill, whom he called “the $900,000 man” to the delight of the audience, declined to meet with SEIU members outside of negotiations, even though many previous president have. “If you’re not a donor, you’re not important,” Earl said. “Well he may not see us, but he will hear us.” …

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