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No SEIU strike Monday, as univ admins show potential for rational thought

Updated as information develops:

9/28/2019: Tentative agreement signed, strike is off:

The universities caved. Presumably Gov. Brown phoned in last night to explain that she didn’t want a strike back home spoiling her 2019 IAAF Doha junket.

Details on the UO HR website here.

  • 3.0% COLA, effective July 1, 2019;
  • 2.10% COLA, effective July 1, 2020;
  • A Longevity Premium of 2.5% given yearly to classified employees who have been at the University at least five (5) years and have been at the top of their salary range for at least a year from their salary eligibility date;
  • Commitment to keeping entry level-wages at all universities above Portland-metro area universities’ minimum wage by eliminating steps of the salary schedule that are below that rate;
  • Provided employees with 48 hours of paid time over the course of the 2-year agreement to be used in the event of campus closures and delays due to inclement weather or hazardous conditions;
  • Healthcare, pension, holidays, vacations, sick leave, personal leave, bereavement, and other benefits remain the same as the previous contract.

9/27/2019: Negotiations continue, as does planning by SEIU and their allies for a strike starting Monday at 7AM.  Jordyn Brown has a story in the RG here, It includes a link to what appears to be an official UO form to report strike issues/concerns. Meanwhile SEIU has a place for allies to sign-up for picket lines below. There will be a rally at Johnson Hall at noon Monday.

SEIU calls for more state funding for – and control of – universities

The UO boosters who broke up OUS with SB270 have not delivered on their promises. They know the legislature isn’t going to give them more taxpayer money without more control. Our SEIU staff union is now in the midst of negotiating a new contract with Oregon’s public universities, and they’ve…

Top Admins’ raises blow past cost of living – but not for SEIU staff or GTFF

Thanks to an anonymous correspondent for compiling these from official data sources: INFLATION Western States Consumer Price Index: 3.1% HIGHER ED FUNDING State Funding (PUSF): +16.3% UO Student Tuition: +7.1% GTFF Graduate Employees Average Salary: $16,000 (based on 9-month .49FTE) Mgt Proposed Cost of Living Adjustment: 1.85% (~$296/yr) Union ask:…

Final offers from OUS and SEIU submitted to arbitration

8/21/2015: There is a helpful chart comparing the proposals on the SEIU webpage here. My understanding is that the arbitrator now picks between the proposals, and if the SEIU bargaining team is not satisfied they can then give 30 days notice of a strike, which would likely start during move-in week at UO.

8/14/2015: Still no contract for UO’s staff

Udate: No strike.

9/26/2013 update: SEIU and OUS have reached a tentative agreement. (I believe a “step increase” is 4.5%). After a long and often contentious bargaining period with OUS management, our SEIU 503 bargaining team reached a tentative agreement at 2:30 a.m. on Sept. 26.Details of the agreement will be released in the…

Update, Coltrane on faculty obligations if staff strike

9/19/2013 update: Provost Coltrane on the faculty’s obligations (legal, not ethical) if the UO staff strike: Date: Sept. 19, 2013To: Faculty   From: Scott Coltrane, Interim Provost   Subject: UO preparations for possible strike   OUS has received notice of intent from SEIU to strike with a projected strike date of September…

ASUO Pres Sam Dotters-Katz calls for student walkout if SEIU strikes

9/12/2013: Troy Brynelson has the scoop in the ODE: In solidarity for the protest, ASUO President Sam Dotters-Katz, with the support of student presidents from Oregon State and Portland State universities, has also called for students across the state walkout. “These folks work some of the lowest paying and often…