2 Responses to King’s discipline fails to quell civil unrest

  1. nope says:

    My second favorite thing about this whole affair (after comparisons between the Student Conduct process and martial law) is that the very next time a professor throws on some blackface for a laugh, Charlie will put Harbaugh on his List of Enemies.

  2. Anonymous says:

    These charges could be a violation of the University’s Academic Freedom policies…

    From: PEEL Coalition
    Date: November 2, 2017 at 12:04:01 PM EDT
    Subject: Urgent Action Requested

    Hello all,

    I am writing to ask for your immediate action on an urgent issue. On October 6, a group of students and community members participated in a demonstration at President Schill’s State of the University Address. During the demonstration, activists took the stage and presented President Schill with a list of demands created by a coalition of student groups. This Monday, October 30th, some activists involved in the protest, as well as those who were not, were targeted with student conduct violations. They have until Monday, November 6 to respond. The options they were given are to either accept the charges, or contest them in an administrative conference that has already indicated in media that it considers these students guilty.

    A number of concerned community members have drafted the following letter to be sent en masse, condemning the targeted intimidation of these activists. We are asking you to forward the below email to your friends and community members to participate in this email campaign. Because of the time-sensitive nature of this investigation, we ask that everyone be notified ASAP. Emails should be sent to Dean of Students, Kris Winter, at winterk@uoregon.edu . Folks are encouraged to cc the Student Conduct Office at conduct@uoregon.edu and Michael Schill at pres@uoregon.edu.

    Feel free to use all the language in the email below or edit as you see fit.

    Dean Winter,

    I am a [student/faculty/staff/alum] writing to condemn the targeted intimidation of student activists on campus. On October 30th, under suspicious circumstances, Associate Director for Student Conduct and Community Standards, Katy Larkin, contacted a number of students and non-students with student misconduct charges. These charges alleged “Disruption of University” [sic] and “Failure to Comply”. These charges were brought with no clear democratic oversight. Students who were charged have since been denied ASUO legal counsel. The time-sensitive nature of these charges hindered students’ ability to seek alternative counsel, putting them in a particularly vulnerable situation.

    These accusations have had a direct impact on the emotional wellbeing and academic performance of those accused. As a community member I fear that this type of targeted intimidation impedes students’ full engagement in our community. This undermines the democratic principles that the University of Oregon holds dear.

    As a community member, I am writing to demand that these charges be immediately dropped. Further, the administration will issue an apology to those targeted, and the student body as a whole. As part of this apology, the University will publicly reveal the criteria and procedures by which these students and non-students were investigated and charged.



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