Duck players get headphones, Cristobal gets $100K and family trip

Here’s what the Duck student-athletes will get for playing in the Redbox Bowl on Dec 31, courtesy of the Sports Business Journal:

Yeah I didn’t know what a Roku is either, but it’s $34 at Walmart.

On the other hand their coach Mario Cristobal gets to top off his $2.5M base salary with a $100K bonus, and an all expense paid family trip. Contract here:

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8 Responses to Duck players get headphones, Cristobal gets $100K and family trip

  1. Fishwrapper says:

    I’ve been saying for years: players need a better contract.

    They just aren’t organized enough to get one…

  2. A duck says:

    Hey, all I get are shared sacrifices, so don’t expect a lot of pity from me.

  3. charlie says:

    We get a half hour hosted bar at the Christmas Party….

  4. yeahno says:

    And what does UO Matters get, since I’m assuming Bill got an invite b/c he is Senate pres?

    • uomatters says:

      I did get an invite. I don’t think this sort of work is covered under the faculty union CBA though, so I’ll have negotiate the compensation myself. $100K seems ballpark.

      • Sun Tzu says:

        Of course you should go. Your attendance would be a stark illustration of how easy and cheap it is for the administration to buy off the Senate President. The administration has for years used free bowl game trips and visits to the President’s Box at Autzen as tools to manipulate and control Senate Presidents (and in years past, Senate VPs).

  5. Canard says:

    I’d go if I were you. Santa Clara is a dynamic urban center.

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