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Trustees to meet 110 miles off campus, 4 weeks before students return

You wouldn’t know it from Board Secretary Angela Wilhelms minimalist website, but rumor has it the Sept 5-6 meeting of our Board of Trustees will be in Portland. Classes in Eugene start October 1. Maybe they have something urgent to vote on, like another round of raises for the coaches and administrators, or more tuition increases:

Or maybe they just want to go through their due-diligence charade in peace and quiet, then make it down to President Schill’s skybox in time for the football game on Saturday:



  1. PDXProf 08/19/2019


    Trustees to meet 110 miles off EUGENE campus, at the UO’s other campus in Portland

    • uomatters Post author | 08/19/2019

      Thanks, I was waiting for this comment ;)

  2. charlie 08/20/2019

    Writing the flagship’s eulogy requires the solitude found only in Portland….

    • Fishwrapper 08/20/2019

      The flagship is doing just fine, at a point somewhere between Eugene and Portland, thank you very much…

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