Live tweets from the Board of Trustees meeting from @ryanjjnguyen

Follow Emerald Reporter Ryan Nguyen on twitter at It sounds like an interesting meeting – maybe a little too interesting for our bosses:

This is what the people with the power have been telling us plebes since before there was a word for plebes.

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6 Responses to Live tweets from the Board of Trustees meeting from @ryanjjnguyen

  1. cdsinclair says:

    He has such thin skin that he takes disagreement as disrespect. And if the unfortunate party is under him on the org chart, he fires them.

    I suspect this will be read as disrespectful and I’ll get an email about it.

    • Just Another Volunteer says:

      Weaponizing civility is the favorite current tactic of the elites.

      • uomatters says:

        “Weaponizing civility”. Congratulations for the most excellent phrase of the week. Extra credit if you can put it in Latin.

      • Deplorable Duck says:

        UO should have a safe space where we can go to avoid civility.

  2. Canard says:

    I’m not normally a nitpicker about citations, but if “Weaponizing civility” is going to garner such high praise, I deserve a little credit. And maybe a coffee mug.

    • uomatters says:

      Noted, Prof. Canard. You may update your google scholar page to reflect this citation and collect your UO Matters coffee cup at the usual dead-drop site.

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