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Who is Elisa Hornecker & who is she replacing on the Board?

I have no idea. The BOT’s webpage says nothing about a vacancy. The August 26 generic press release from Governor Brown is here. The list of appointments is here, and includes this:

The Senate Rules committee is supposed to vote on these next week, but their webpage has nothing yet. Thanks to an anonymous correspondent for catching this. The most recent previous appointee to UO’s problematic Board of Trustees was Marcia Aaron, appointed by Gov Brown after she and Pres Schill sat together at a basketball game:

If you see something say something.


  1. HillofBeans 09/10/2019

    Elisa Hornecker is currently listed as a member of the UO Foundation board of trustees.

  2. Just Another Volunteer 09/10/2019

    She’s Elisa M. deCastro Hornecker, BA ’82 (international studies)

    Lives in Portland, active in support for girls education. Married to Mitch Hornecker who co-founded Opportunities for Youth in PDX and currently serves on the Meyer Trust BOD

    Could be a good choice – no idea how she was selected.

  3. Mark Felt 09/10/2019

    She liked Dudley:

    He liked Dudley too:

    She liked the Dead but now likes the Ducks:

    His former law firm is known for helping “Employers with union issues”

    His former construction firm was owned by a UK conglomerate that kept a blacklist of union activists:

  4. New Year Cat 09/10/2019

    “His former law form is known for helping “Employers with union issues”. That does not seem to bode all that well.

  5. Circular Governance 09/11/2019

    What a ridiculous governance structure. The Schillionaire effectively selects the board that lavishes raises on himself while everyone else gets shafted.

    • uomatters Post author | 09/11/2019

      Tug the forelock when you speak about the Laird, villein.

      • Schafted 09/12/2019

        Had to google that one. Professors have so much to teach!

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