AAUP-OR Pres Dreiling calls out UO Pres Schill over Prof Freyd case, Gov Brown over Trustees

Back of the envelope I’m guessing Pres Schill has let his GC Kevin Read pay Barran and Liebman $300K in tuition money fighting this gender discrimination lawsuit against himself and other UO administrators, with plenty more billable hours to come at $300 per. [Kevin, if I’ve got that wrong please send me Paula’s invoices and the insurance contracts.] A snippet from Prof Dreiling’s email, at full here:

Fourth, I want to call out the University of Oregon for persisting with a problematic approach to faculty relations and institutional governance. The ongoing efforts by the UO to deny a pay equity claim by Professor Jennifer Freyd have now hit the basement floor. The attorneys hired by the UO – advancing arguments no doubt supported by the General Counsel and President of the UO – have made problematic dismissals of research methods used by Professor Freyd while making spurious and exaggerated claims about the value of research methods by other faculty in the department of psychology. Different research methods used by faculty in the same field are not a basis for entrenching pay inequities. The arguments being made by the UO have negative implications for how all professional organizations will approach pay equity claims. As a result, the national AAUP has drafted an amicus brief on behalf of Professor Freyd’s case. You can read more here


Also at the University of Oregon, we witnessed another case where a Trustee was appointed without courtesy public announcements or process. We expect better engagement with the civic and institutional stakeholders to whom the UO and its future matter a great deal. This contrasts sharply with the positive example of shared governance witnessed at PSU in a recent trustee appointment. Trust that we will be working with allies to encourage the Governor to facilitate greater transparency and accountability in the appointment of university trustees.

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