UO’s Board of Trustees is not as bad as UNC’s

I know I’ve posted some unkind things about the UO BoT, and they can expect more to come, e.g. about the IAAF 2021 championships. But things could be worse.

We could have a board that decided to donate $2.5M in university money to a neo-confederate group, so they could build a shrine to the confederacy. The NYT has the polite version here. For the story of the lies and prevarications of the UNC board, try here:

For contrast, the city of Dallas decided to auction off it’s confederate statue, and got ~$1.5M and the promise it would not be publicly displayed within the county limits: https://uomatters.com/2019/06/provost-could-solve-budget-crisis-by-auctioning-off-pioneer-father.html

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2 Responses to UO’s Board of Trustees is not as bad as UNC’s

  1. Dog says:

    On my unoffical list of the most fucked up Universities in the US that I have had dealings with in some capacity, UNC might actually rank above the UO. There are lots of weird issues at that place and “old money” is a real driver there.

  2. It's classified. says:

    It’s never as bad as it couldn’t be worse.

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