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Free Jock Box parking for Lorraine Davis and other Duck Nomenklatura

Back in in the day the land now occupied by the Jaqua Center for Student Athletes – or as the NYT calls it the Jock Box – was a parking lot, mostly used by OA’s in Oregon Hall.

In 2010 or so UO gave the land to the Ducks, for free. The eastern part of the lot is still a parking lot, but it’s now reserved for Duck Athletic Department camp-followers. Some might ask why UO is still employing Lorraine Davis, much less giving her a free parking spot. Apparently Mike Schill has not.

FWIW, neither of the employees the Ducks list as “Sports Psychologists” can be found in the state’s registry of professional psychologists, here. One can be found in the list of licensed counselors list, here, as a “Marriage and Family Therapist”. The APA rules are strict:

APA recognizes sport psychology as a proficiency acquired after a doctoral degree in one of the primary areas of psychology and licensure as a psychologist.

So that’s two parking slots that should open up as soon as someone reports them to the notoriously strict Oregon Board of Psychologist Examiners, who have fined UO Counseling Director Shelly Kerr $5K for past violations.

Here’s the latest list of free Jock Box parkers, courtesy of Kevin Reed’s public records office. If you want to know their salaries, check


  1. Anonymous 01/30/2020

    In defense of the therapists: it isn’t necessarily their fault if some administrator misrepresents their education on an internal form. Mikula is a licensed clinical social worker. APA’s recognition of sports psychology as a specialization doesn’t mean you have to be a psychologist; LMFTs, LPCs, and LCSWs are all different types of psychotherapist and they require a master’s, not a PhD.

  2. A therapist 01/30/2020

    But, once the therapist knows about the misrepresentation, they have an ethical and legal responsibility to correct it.

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