Black Student Collective issues list of demands to UO, Trustees, Pres Schill

Link to their twitter here.

For some history on past such efforts for reform by UO’s black students, there’s a good 2019 piece on Around the O, here. While it has the mandatory puffery about the vital roles of President Schill and VP Alex-Assensoh (both on the job market) and VP Marbury, author Jim Murez covers that cleverly and tells much, much more. Respect.

The Black Student Collective appears to be a new group, distinct from the UO Black Student Task Force that arose in 2014-15 during widespread protests over the police killing of unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Protests at the University of Missouri led to the quick resignation of president Tim Wolfe, followed by panic among university presidents across the country fearful of the same fate.

The RG has a good story on the motivation of some of the organizers of Eugene’s BLM protests, here.

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19 Responses to Black Student Collective issues list of demands to UO, Trustees, Pres Schill

  1. prof says:

    All great ideas. Let me add some:
    1. Get rid of Shill and his buddies (total failures), and hire LeGarrette Blount as UO President and Provost. Arguably he is the one of the most sucessfull UO african-american former students. With him at the helm UO public safety will not need any guns. No one will mess with Blount. Also, he is available.
    2. Make football and basketball players intern with UO public safety , and have them patrol campus as part of their scholarship requirments. That will be a win-win for everyone,

    • anti-racist says:

      Make student athletes, who cannot be paid…. intern, doing yet another job, with no pay? That is beyond effed up, prof.

  2. This Is The Way says:

    People do realize you can’t just “hire black faculty and staff” just like you can’t just hire any racial/ethnic category? It is illegal to just hire based on race/ethnicity regardless of the under-representation of the race/ethnicity. Curious use of the term “black identifying.” Would welcome discussion on that.

    Not saying hiring more under-represented faculty and staff is not imperative, you just can’t hire based on that. It’s one of the demands that comes up time and time again and one of the more difficult to navigate.

  3. thedude says:

    Do students know that hiring a black professor because they’re black is illegal?

    Some of these demands are easy and reasonable. Do they get any advice from faculty mentors about which demands are illegal? Do those mentors care?

  4. lol here come the downvotes says:

    In this thread: People who think the only way to diversify faculty is to literally select on race, wondering aloud if others have done their homework.

  5. Black man @7566 says:

    As a alum of the University of Oregon 79 and a black man, I am wondering what kool-aid people are drinking.

    Malcom X said it best, “the most dangerous person to the negro people are white liberals. ” One might wonder why he said such a thing. Liberals tend to place their nose in the business of black people who never asked for their help.

    Liberals only need to back up or be subject to get smacked up for trying to interfere in the family business.

    Stop trying to treat black people as though we all rode on the short yellow bus to school. We didn’t!

    Our success or failure will be determined by our own determination and not that of some limp ass liberal trying to virtue signaling using us as the horn.

    As I look around the city and watch the news outlets, I see all of the white people yelling , “black lives matter. ” Didn’t our lives matter prior to George Floyd’s death? Or did our life only matter when you could use it to sooth your closet racism?

    Don’t the black lives being snuffed out each weekend in Chicago matter? Hhhhhmmmm I guess only ,”certain black lives matter.” Black lives that fit a certain narrative matter and only those.

    Liberals check yourself. Don’t use our hurt and suffering as a way to get a political position pushed through the minds of people who are not thinking correctly.

    • Dog says:

      well said
      Thanks for speaking up

    • Environmental necessity says:

      Is the view here that the Black Student Collectice is run by white liberals? I’m confused.

      • Dog says:

        No, I think the expressed view is that white liberals operate mostly on the basis of political convenience and the post says nothing about the BSC.

    • thedude says:

      I’d love to hear your perspective. What is someone like me to do, when the pervasive attitude is “If you’re not with me you’re against me” or “if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem”.

      When I went the BLM protest, most of the people carrying signs for “ACAB” or “abolish the police”, were well dressed young white people. They had a distinctly different tone than the BLM speakers through the matter.

    • Townie says:

      Thanks for sharing your views.

      I am against de-naming Deady because I think Deady’s legacy is an important teaching tool. He was a deeply racist man, but his views moderated.

    • I’m very happy to see my white brothers and sisters liberals standing up with us it will require more than just one minority group to change things in this country and it’s not just black people that are being killed by police its brown and red people too , don’t get it twisted folk

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’m a parent of a UO African-American and Irish American Student we all need to be thinking about reparations which I believe need to start in the educational system from preschool to college the power of education is the power of people and black people in America have been denied this right do to slavery and Jim Crow laws ,education is only the way to change attitudes just ask Asian Americans, as a black culture we must work together
    and move are people together we are as only as strong as the most unfortunate Brothers and sisters so we must educate all sisters and brothers. And I’m married to a white liberal women and she would be a Abolitionist if she lived during slavery and she is about fighting for human rights of all people don’t get it twisted like Malcom get right like MLK and Gandhi keep the British out of India