Bargaining VIII, this Wed at 3PM

7/22/2020: Liveblog, usual disclaimer: my thoughts on what people are saying, trying to say, trying to be thinking, etc. Nothing is a quote unless in ” ” ‘s.

Matella: We’re OK with the all in employees idea, and a 15-35 window. (That’s a very low threshold. UO has already cut costs more than this.)

Brad Shelton: I realize my initial model was too complicated for some people to understand, so I’ve made it more like the tax code. Also, I updated a lot of information which I haven’t shared with you before now.

(Typo in second to last bullet – $185K should be $285K)

Caucus break.

3:58 They’re back.

Caucus break.

4:53: Admins want another 10 min to caucus.

5:00: Admins want another 15 min to caucus.

5:15: Admins want another 5 min to caucus.

5:20: They’re back. 

Took Brad awhile to turn his crank, but he’s got a new plan to protect the highest paid administrators:

Cecil: It would be helpful if you shared your data, as we shared the data we painfully scrapped from IR’s pdfs because UO won’t post machine readable files and Schill stopped reporting quarterly numbers.

Matella: OK, I think.

Cecil: What to do about TRP? High salary suggests high tax, low FTE suggests low tax. Keaton goes low, Brad goes high. Caucus til 5:45.

They’re back.

Cecil: We’re going to want to trim a little more off the top. We need Brad’s data.

Matella: We’ll get you his model. [Here’s hoping she means data, not model.]

Cecil: We’ve got the outlines of a deal, just need to hammer out parameters of the cuts. Can’t do that until you share Brad’s data.

Cecil: Hope we can get this done this week.

7/21/2020: Both sides report that bargaining session VII today was civil and potentially productive. Keaton Miller (Econ) gave a fact-based presentation on progressive pay cuts, using actual UO data and some simple and well illustrated economic principles.

Dave Cecil (UAUO) and Missy Matella (Admin) seem to be closing in on a deal to trade potential pay cuts for all above some threshold pay (should UO revenue fall below some target) in exchange for the “expectation of continued employment” for career faculty. If I understand it right this would restore the 211 career faculty now facing cuts to their previous FTE. In the future the admin could still lay off career faculty (as they can do to tenured faculty, albeit with some difficulty) but not on a whim and not without plenty of notice.

Word has it that the Wed session will start with a presentation from UO VP Brad Shelton on his version of progressive taxation.

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