President Scholz to deliver remarks from a secure offsite location

After President Schill’s 2017 State of the University speech in the EMU was interrupted by querulous students UO started giving large donations to the Eugene City Club, in exchange for letting the UO President talk there instead of a UO location where our students might show up.

It seems President Scholz is also chicken – this event will be held on private property rather than at UO where that pesky First Amendment would apply.

UO President Karl Scholz: Looking Back and Looking Forward

Date: January 19, 2024

Time: Noon to 1:15 pm

Event Type: Live/Livestream

Members and Non-Members may attend our forums for free

Venue: Maple Room at Inn at the Fifth
205 E Sixth 
Eugene, Oregon

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7 Responses to President Scholz to deliver remarks from a secure offsite location

  1. Anonymous says:

    Choose one:

    The medium is the 1) message
    2) massage
    3) mirage

  2. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    I would prefer to hear his remarks, as inane and vapid as they will probably be, in a dignified forum. “First Amendment” does mean everything has to be a circus.

  3. Fishwrapper says:

    The good thing about the City Club addresses is that they are archived at the City Club website and also at so you will get to hear what he said, in its entirety. It may not be an open-to-all (free-for-all) forum, but he will be on the record, and his words will be out there for all to hear, in perpetuity.

  4. Still says:

    Ah, pandering to King Obie. Why am I not surprised..

    (Anyone else remember all the air some schenanigans Obie & Friends got up to over the years to make major $ on the backs of taxpayers? Think “wetlands”.)

  5. Scholz did a good job. says:

    Just finished listening to the stream. I thought he did a good job. Might respectfully disagree that our campus isn’t woke in some places tho. Certain student and faculty circles can be insufferable, but of course you don’t say that aloud if you’re the president. On the whole, very good job.

  6. UO Matters says:

    A transparent open search run with no apparent involvement/interference from a search firm. Three finalists announced publicly and brought to campus for the university to meet with and provide feedback to the Board, *before* the final hiring decision. Astounding. Roger Thompson should be proud to be considered for the top job at a university that runs its searches like this. Thanks for the link.