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Reporter makes public records request for all Gottfredson emails

That’s the latest rumor. I don’t see the request in Dave Hubin’s PR log, but that often omits requests that might lead to embarrassing disclosures. Here’s hoping that in addition to the 7K emails from his pres and mgott accounts at UO, they also requested any emails from his UCI and personal accounts dealing with UO business. While Gottfredson was famously reluctant to use his official UO email address, these emails should cover some very interesting episodes in UO history, including

  1. Gottfredson’s negotiations over the UO Board legislation SB270, including efforts by Gott and the UO Foundation to cut faculty representation,
  2. nominations of UO Trustees (remember Gott’s bizarre effort to come up with names?),
  3. his communications with Bob Berdahl about the Board, the faculty union negotiations, etc.,
  4. his dealings with Michael Glazier and Bond Schoeneck and King over the Kelly/Lyles NCAA investigation,
  5. the beginnings of UO’s branding boondoggle,
  6. his efforts to subvert UO’s Academic Freedom and shared governance during the union negotiations and then with the Senate Freedom Committee,
  7. his failed efforts to cover up the basketball rape allegations until Dana Altman could quietly pass his players off on other universities,
  8. Gottfredson’s efforts to recruit placid, inexperienced members for his “Independent Task Force on Sexual Violence”.

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