Admin hits up students for $800K for Black Cultural Center overruns

That’s the rumor from a generally reliable source, who reports the ask to ASUO is coming from VP for Student Life Kevin Marbury. Pres Schill got a donor, but apparently CPFM low-balled the construction estimate and they don’t want to go back to that well.

No word yet on whether the ASUO Senate will go for this. UO’s students already pay unusually high fees, which support EMU operations, student groups, the Rec Center, and of course ~$2M to Duck VP Eric Roedl for “free” student tickets to Duck games – say, there’s an obvious place to take the money from.

The last time I recall student fees were raised was for the EMU renovation bonds, in 2012, when VPSL Robin Holmes got in all sorts of trouble for using student money to hire RBI Elections Consultants to manipulate the student vote. That post is well worth reading, though as a regular at Falling Sky I have to admit I’m now glad she did it.

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12 Responses to Admin hits up students for $800K for Black Cultural Center overruns

  1. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    I’m sure they would get a sympathetic response if they went to the Legislature to cover this.

    • dog says:

      you and I both know that a sympathetic response from the legislature is a complete oxymoron; if HUB wants to be continually sarcastic then do it in a more subtle and imaginative way

      • uomatters says:

        Dogs shouldn’t throw rocks at sarcastic commenters. In any case Oregon’s state government has already given $10M (of other people’s money) for Vin Lananna’s 2021 IAAF championships out of a promised $40M. There is no reason to think they couldn’t find more in that pot for a much cheaper and more worthwhile cause. Other than the fact that there’s no obvious campaign contributor with deep pockets to make it worth their while.

        That said, the obvious free-market solution is to raise the $800K by auctioning off the Pioneer Father statue. Dallas got $1.45M for their statue of Robert E. Lee, and whatever you may think about our Indian killing Pioneer, at least he wasn’t a traitor, which ought to be worth something even in these days.

        • Dog says:

          hook that hitch up
          tow it to texas
          retire on the proceeds …

          • uomatters says:

            It doesn’t pencil out. Scrap bronze is $1.52 a pound. Gas is $2.89. My Caballero gets 14 MPG towing, with the AC off. And Texas is way the fuck down south. We need to find some rich local racist – I mean historical enthusiast – who wants this thing in his back yard.

    • apt says:

      Ha! Since the admin showcased the BCC at their presentation to HECC for tuition-increase approval (UO’s commitment to student success and inclusion/equity) I would have loved to see them then ask for yet more money for something they supposedly had covered. You’d think, by now, UO could manage construction project costs.

      • uomatters says:

        Say what you will about our Uncle Phil, but he’s plenty smart when it comes to minimizing construction costs for his egofici. Rumor has it that the new Tykeson costs were also handled well, thanks to a CAS intervention.

        Other recent projects, not so much. I’m sure our next Internal Auditor will give the Board a full report in September.

        • just different says:

          Phil manages costs well because he is dripping with contempt for unions.

          • pay people what they're worth says:

            And by contempt for unions we should be clear we mean paying hard working local tradespeople a living/prevailing wage. Versus cheap out of state labor. That said I do believe (?) that Hayward is a prevailing wage project with Oregon construction companies but am not sure.

  2. uograd says:

    Here’s a simple concept: You screw up, you suffer the consequences. It’s called accountability. The administration screwed up, it should pay for the cost overruns not ASUO.

    • It's classified says:

      Hmm, administration fees, instead of student fees? I like this idea, as long as it doesn’t also add to their “overload” compensation.