UO Matters’s worst of 2011


Phil Barnhart discusses legislative opposition to a UO Board


Pernsteiner’s Treetops scam revealed in Register Guard

UO Professor Dennis Howard shows UO athletic success hurts giving to UO academics

Frances Dyke “decides to retire” – in September 2012


Frohnmayer’s golden parachute deal


Multi-million ORSA / Huron contract revealed, after public records petition to the Attorney General.

Larry Singell does a performance review of VP for Ac Aff Russ Tomlin.

Faculty pay sucks

Reasons for firing of Research VP Rich Linton come out


After a long fight, Lariviere compromises on ORI building

More students, more NTTF’s, no more faculty


Linton firing and Huron consulting contracts

Lariviere, Galvan, Manotti, make “Twin Edens” deal with Ali Bongo and Gabon

Early warning signs on Pernsteiner / Lariviere fight.

Legislative updates


Willie Lyles and Chip Kelly

UO public records officer Liz Denecke attempts to charge UO Matters $57.03 to see “The Cleaner’s” NCAA coverup invoices. (Ms Denecke was reassigned in October.)

Kitzhaber appoints Tim Nesbitt to run Oregon Higher Ed. 


We smoked it all


Lariviere appoints Lorraine Davis to replace Jim Bean

UO Matters predicts OUS board will not fire Lariviere

Bean tries to hide data on student teacher ratio

Geller makes academic side pay half the cost of NCAA investigation


Lariviere hires Berdahl to consult.

OUS reorganizes legal services

UO Foundation increases administrative spending by $2 million, cuts scholarships $1.5 million

Administrative bloat continues

Provost Jim Beans takes sabbatical to rest, visit old friends


UO give raises to faculty and administrators

One secret Frohnmayer Kilkenny deal revealed

UO Faculty Union does not hold card check election

OUS Board fires UO President Richard Lariviere. Video of OUS Board meeting


Video of UO Faculty Assembly with Rob Kyr and Dr. Pernsteiner

General Counsel Randy Geller sells UO out to the dark side

UO Students veto Robin Holmes’s EMU proposal and vote against against athletic subsidies

Mike Bellotti and Dave Frohnmayer make PERS top ten list

Senate Exec makes Pernsteiner appoint Berdahl as interim UO President

Phil Barnhart to introduce UO Board legislation

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