Economist takes over Business School

Congratulations, Bruce!


As we aggressively continue our search for the next dean of the Charles H. Lundquist College of Business, it is my pleasure to share with you that Bruce Blonigen, Philip H. Knight Professor of Social Science, has accepted our offer to serve as interim dean.

While some may consider his appointment nontraditional, Bruce’s experience as associate dean of social sciences in our College of Arts and Sciences has given him a depth of experience that we believe will be highly beneficial to this role. Additionally, as an economist who examines international trade issues with respect to multinational corporations and trade policies, his work has much in common with many of the disciplines housed in the college of business.

Bruce will assume the role on August 1, taking over for Jim Terborg, who has served as interim dean since September. 

Jim delayed his retirement by a year to continue to serve the college where he has spent the last thirty-five years. Under his leadership, the college experienced a year of exceptional research productivity, earned a “#1 Green MBA” ranking from the Princeton Review, achieved reaccreditation, and had a record-breaking $30 million year of fundraising. We are delighted to send Jim off on his much-deserved retirement.

Bruce will continue to serve as the chair of the committee that is working to find a permanent dean. I am told that there is great enthusiasm for the candidate pool and that we have great reason to be optimistic that we will find the perfect fit in the near future.

Please join me in thanking Bruce and Jim for all they do for the University of Oregon.

Sincerely, Scott Coltrane, Provost and Senior Vice President

CAS Dean Andrew Marcus also sent out this announcement:

Dear CAS colleagues,

As Scott Coltrane details below,  Bruce Blonigen, currently associate dean for social sciences in CAS, has graciously agreed to serve as interim dean of the Lundquist College of Business while continuing to chair the search for a permanent dean. Bruce plans to return to CAS when his interim assignment is over and will remain actively engaged with CAS leadership during the period of his interim position. Over the past year, Bruce has served in an unofficial capacity as senior associate dean, overseeing many of the internal management issues across the college – an essential role given how frequently I am on the road for development travel (over 70 nights last year).  Karen Ford, associate dean for humanities, has agreed to serve in this capacity while Bruce serves as interim dean of LCB.

I will announce an acting associate dean of social sciences for the 2016-17 year shortly.

I want to thank both Bruce and Karen for stepping forward and taking on additional work load in this time of transition.  Much of my optimism about the future of the college and the university is because of the many faculty leaders like them who continually lift us up and move us forward.

Best regards, Andrew

 W. Andrew Marcus, Tykeson Dean of Arts and Sciences

I can’t wait to exchange my PLC office for one in Lillis, even if it does still have that ugly yellow O on it. Rumor down at the faculty club is that we’ll be swapping with the b-school professors in mid August, although the official announcement above is circumspect on the exact date. I’m happy to move earlier, really.

The LCB fell completely out of the US News rankings under Dean Kees de Kluyver, and I’m guessing Blonigen will be busy even as interim. Previous Interim Dean Jim Terborg took over last year from Kees de Kluyver, whom Coltrane paid 1/3 of a Gottfredson to step down and take a year’s leave at full pay, then give up his tenure and be a 1/2 time professor for 3 years. Kluyver’s predecessor Jim Bean was able to get UO to pay him for years after Gottfredson fired him as Provost, never teaching a class. Any bets on how much teaching de Kluyver actually does?

160over90 Branders to try out media campaign plan on faculty, staff

11/17/2014: Today, 4PM in the Alumni Center. Deputy Chief Strategic Communicator Tobin Klinger has the report here.

11/14/2014 update: Strategic Communicator Tim Clevenger fiddles with the brand, as grad students burn away

Job #1 was keeping us in the AAU by boosting research and grad student enrollment. But UO’s IR office reports that grad student enrollment has dropped yet again: down 100 just this year:

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 12.13.42 AM

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Update: UO MBA’s and Kees de Kluyver

1/7/2013: If you believe the WSJ on these things, de Kluyver’s decision to increase UO’s MBA tuition by 50% may not have been totally prescient.

9/4/2012: Diane Dietz of the RG has a comprehensive story on UO’s MBA programs, with many interesting quotes from LCB Dean Kees de Kluyver, here:

They [University of Washington, the University of Arizona and the major California universities] were at tuition levels north of $65,000 or $70,000 (for two year degrees). We were lagging at levels half or less than that,” he said. “If you want to be taken seriously, you can not be priced half somebody else’s offering, because you simply will not be considered.” At half price, it’s impossible to sell the program as a Mercedes, he said. …

Meanwhile, the UO is planning to shift its Portland-based Executive MBA program out of stall. The Executive MBA program was ripe for a revamp last fall after de Kluyver hired a new director, Wes Balda, an academic with experience in creating graduate-level business education programs, including at the Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management at Claremont Graduate University. … But after seven months, Balda resigned.

As of June, Balda was still on the payroll for $150K. de Kluyver gets $315K plus a $30K “overload”, but no beemer. Provost Bean has failed to deliver with the Portland programs, as with most everything else he’s touched. Lorraine Davis’s efforts to mop this one up are here.