Kate Brown audits OUS

Update: By popular request I’m adding a link to an audit and other shenanigans of Dave Frohnmayer’s two last provosts, John Moseley and Jim Bean. “Provost’s gone wild”.

The RG editorializes, here. Read the commenters there, they are better informed than the editors about the lack of substance and the Kate Brown politicking in the audit. Speaking of politics and audits, Brown had a hell of a time deciding how to handle the problems with Frohnmayer’s golden parachute deal – they ended up replacing his name with “a former UO president” in the audit report – maybe he threatened to sue them for defamation too? He did have to repay some money though. Then her Audits Division decided to completely bail on doing anything about Pernsteiner taking his $26K “professional expenses” budget as personal salary, while claiming his croissant reimbursements from another account. 4/14/2013.