Fiesta Bowl chief starts 8 month prison term

6/21/2014 update: The Arizona Republic has the story here. No word on how much Duck money was involved.

2/1/2013: No Policy Update: Duck administrators fly south for Felony Bowl

UO has no policy on free tickets or travel – not exactly “best practices” when it comes to claiming it’s exempt income, folks.

From: “Thornton, Lisa”
Subject: Public Records Request 2013-PRR-185Date: February 1, 2013 12:28:59 PM PST
Dear [UO Matters]-
The University does not possess records responsive to your request for ” a copy of UO’s policies and/or procedures on paying for travel and tickets to away games and/or postseason games”, made 1/28/2013.
Thank you for contacting the office with your request.

Lisa Thornton
Office of Public Records

1/28/2013: Ever wonder how the Ducks get our administrators to look the other way about the accounting tricks that leave the academic side holding the bag for millions in athletic department costs? Free junkets are part of it. The Fiesta Bowl has a long history of corruption, see here.
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Rob Mullens for Provost: Automotive Edition

10/14/2012: Some new data on why Gottfredson should appoint Rob Mullens provost, from the reports on who gets help from UO making their car payments:

  • Rob Mullens, the leader of the athletic side, is a river to his people: $121,432 for them, while only $7,200 for himself, for an “others / me ratio” of 17.
  • Interim chief academic officer Jim Bean delivers nothing for his faculty, not even a used Mobylette, but takes $9,300 for his own Beamer, for a ratio of $0/$9,300 = 0.0.
All numbers are on an annual basis, from the summer IR quarterly salary report, which is full of other interesting things.