Candidates for VP of Academic Affairs posted

UO has two VPAA’s, a hangover from Mike Gottfredson and Jim Bean’s byzantine and top heavy org chart:

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 11.52.25 AM

Current VPAA #2 Barbara Altmann is leaving for Bucknell, here are the finalists to replace her:


We present, for your consideration, an outstanding pool of finalists for Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs: [I’ve added links to their letters of application, which are worth reading.]

Dr. Susan Anderson, Professor of German and Scandinavian

Dr. Carol Stabile, Professor of Journalism and Communications [sic]

Dr. Frances White, Professor of Anthropology

Letters of interest and CVs are posted at Please engage the finalists at their public presentations and any other meetings to which you may be invited. After each candidate’s day of campus meetings, a survey link will be activated on the same webpage as a way for you to give me your feedback. The one-day events will be held June 9, 10, 11 and schedule details will be posted soon. I look forward to reading your perspectives on the candidates.

Please contact Kathy Warden, [email protected] if you have any concerns or comments on the process.


Frances Bronet
Acting Senior Vice President and Provost

VP Russ Tomlin open forum:

Update, 4/27/2011: I went to today’s faculty forum, moderated by Larry Singell. It was well attended, and people seemed relatively open about speaking their minds. The review committee made it very clear that they would not report quotes or attribute statements to particular speakers, and that people were free to email them with more views. I believe them.

4/26/2011: Some people have told me they do not feel free to speak their minds on the VP for Academic Affairs in public – particularly given that they will have to sign in first – see bottom.

I asked, and I’m told that these open meetings will go forward as scheduled:

Dear Campus Community,

The Committee overseeing the review of Senior Vice Provost Russ Tomlin (i.e., Larry Singell, Dennis Howard, and Kassia Dellabough) invite you to an open forum where you are encouraged to come and share your views. 

There are two forums scheduled:

Date:                     Wednesday April 27
Time:                     3:30 – 5:00pm
Location:              McKenzie 375

Date:                     Wednesday May 4
Time:                     3:30 – 5:00pm
Location:              McKenzie 375

We would like candid participation from as many as possible in order to gather the most useful feedback.

Please note, in order for your comments to make it in the official record, participants will be required to sign their name into a log.  Nonetheless, the committee will not attach comments to a particular individual in our report and will treat the information shared in the open forum the same manner as Promotion and Tenure documents.  The objective of the forum is to engage in open conversation so that the committee can record the general sentiments consistent with a performance review and synthesize themes of strengths and areas in need of improvement.