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  1. thedude 05/13/2019

    I think the point we should make the state is we are the clearest bet on student success. There’s of course things we can do better as a university, but at least our students actually graduate. Don’t even joke about the community colleges, where eventual college graduation rates are 16-20%. Why the state continues to dump money on universities and colleges where student success is the exception instead of the norm is beyond dumb.

    6 year graduation rates —

    UO – 72%
    OSU- 64%
    OIT – 46%
    PSU – 45%
    WOU – 41 %
    SOU – 38%
    EOU -29%

    My own thoughts: We get hit by both sides of politics. The right hates UO because of our focus on liberal arts and the Eugene’s left tilt. The left hates UO because we have too much money already and they’d rather level the playing field. We need to figure out how to play one or both of those sides. Who gets screwed because we can’t get political buy in from either party? The students.

    • ODA 05/13/2019

      Or it could be that the UO administration plays too many games (for or at the behest of athletics and a donor?) instead of work in the best interest of the state. The legislature and the Governor may be dumb but if you ignore them or piss them off they have no reason to support your cause. Perhaps the UO still believes that it is or can become a private school; but it is not going to happen and crap like lobbying against a sitting Governor’s signature plan, whose party is in power (if that is what happened) is not going to get you a lot sympathy or support the next time the axe needs to come out.

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