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  1. Dtl says:

    This information is “fuzzy” at best. The funny thing about “temp” — that also includes exceptionally well paid (six digits) retired admin.

    It would seem “temp” would be classified type positions.


    I was a recipient of a report of all “temp” employees that accidentally included extremely high paid admins from the same “temp” employer (admins that were retired) which was then resent “corrected” That magically did not include the exceptionally well paid “temps”….

  2. Canard says:

    I recall that the apparent decline in administrators was because some administrators were reclassified as OAs. This was done so the administration could point out how lean our central administration was compared to other schools. This may also partially explain why the pay for the UO administrators rose so precipitously compared to other schools, as they shifted the lower-paid ones out of the category.

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