PERS payment public

10/9/2011: Editor Peter Bhatia of the Oregonian has a long thoughtful editorial on their successful battle to make PERS payouts public:

Our interest, going into this process, was examining PERS recipients who retired at pensions higher than their salaries (some receiving more than $100,000 annually from PERS). And we are also interested in double dipping — the commonly allowed practice of state employees retiring, beginning to collect their pensions, then being rehired on contract for the very same or similar job.

Many UO administrators do this with 1029 hour deals. The info will be public as of 11/21.

"Golden parachutes" for UO administrators

This March 2008 story in the Oregonian describes how UO administrators have been taking advantage of a tenure reduction program that was originally set up to ease older teaching faculty into voluntary retirement.

Several administrators have been able to use the program to take home annual payments in the $300,000 range, by getting half pay from UO, full PERS benefits, and annual raises to sweeten the deal. While President Frohnmayer claims that these administrators are doing substantial work, he provides no evidence of this. Here’s a clip from former Provost John Moseley’s contract – he is “Special Assistant” to current Provost Jim Bean until 2011. His main job seems to be running UO’s program in Bend, from his retirement home on the Deschutes. UO’s Bend programs graduate about 15 people – and lose about $1 million – each year.

Maybe we’re naive about this stuff, but we’re a little surprised at how explicitly President Frohnmayer and former Provost Moseley lay out their attempt to exploit PERS rules, as you can see from the complete contract here.