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Posts tagged as “ICC rate cut”

ORSA Questions

7/15/2010: We’ve written before about the chaos at ORSA. Paula Roberts is now gone, and apparently ORSA is now being run by Moira Kiltie and 2 consultants from Huron Consulting: Tim Patterson and Marisa Zuskar. On the ORSA staff website here. Rumor is Frances Dyke is paying Huron $250 an…

regarding Rich Linton:

update from Anonymous: It is a sad day at the University of Oregon when an administrator with the integrity and character of Rich Linton decides it’s time to leave.   As Roast Duck says, he is a classy guy.   While significantly elevating the profile of research, Rich always worked toward the…

VP for Research Rich Linton gets a terminal contract:

Update: Linton’s own public statement is here: It is satisfying for me to leave knowing that the UO has seen increasing research accomplishments by its faculty, including sustained growth in sponsored research funding, interdisciplinary research initiatives and innovations supporting technology transfer and development. I am deeply grateful for our faculty,…

Research Gap

3/30/2010: We’ve written before about how UO is no longer a top-tier Carnegie research school, and about how our federal research credit rate was cut, after Frances Dyke spent the money remodeling Johnson Hall instead of on research labs. But this news really hits us where it hurts.