UO Board legislation

12/28/2011: Former ASUO Pres and current UO Law Student Sam Dotters-Katz has started a group to promote UO independence by encouraging the legislature to give UO authority to have its own governing board.

As you know, President Lariviere’s contract was prematurely terminated last month by the OUS Board. Our President’s employment officially ends today, December 28th — but there’s meaningful action within our grasp to ensure our university’s future, and WE NEED YOUR HELP. ….  


Sam Dotters-Katz

Executive Director, Students for Higher Education Excellence Now
Former UO Student Body President (2008-2009)
University of Oregon School of Law JD Candidate 2014

He points people to a facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/OregonSHEEN which has a variety of links. This effort appears to be closely associated with Phil Barnhart’s proposed legislation and looks very worthy of support. Let’s face it, nobody in this state give a damn what UO professors think, but the students? That’s a lot of votes.

Rep. Phil Barnhart to introduce UO Board legislation

12/27/2011: Read the whole thing, in the Eugene Weekly:

Barnhart said he’s been talking to other elected officials, a legislative attorney and UO student and faculty leaders in drafting the bill. “Nothing is final yet,” he said, inviting more input from the public. …

Barnhart said the local UO governing board would improve the transparency of the current local decision making at the UO. Now, “the decisions get made by the president within Johnson Hall without much oversight,” he said. For example, Barnhart faulted former UO president Dave Frohnmayer for deciding to sell Westmoreland family housing without public input. 

Any piece of legislation that starts with a call for more transparency from Johnson Hall deserves serious consideration. Barnhart and other local legislators are planning a meeting at UO, January 17th, 7PM, room TBA, to discuss this. Like the idea? You can donate to Barnhart’s campaign online, here. Remember, Oregon has a tax credit for your first $50 in political donations.