66 and 67

1/10/2009: OSU Economist Bill Jaeger has an Op-Ed in the RG today about the economic arguments, and Eugene pollster Rick Lindholm has released results on polls on 66 and 67. These are straight from his website (which has a lot of other interesting Oregon political info as well.)

Survey: Measures 66 and 67 Gain But Election Outcome Up for Grabs



WTF? Ignorant anti-government Texans vote to support research universities?

11/4/2009: From the Chronicle:

Voters in Texas on Tuesday approved a ballot measure designed to strengthen the state’s research universities, with about 56 percent voting in favor of the proposal. … The Texas measure, known as Proposition 4, will establish a National Research University Fund to provide financial incentives for universities in the state to attain “top tier” status.

Apparently the bill specified explicit benchmarks the universities needed to achieve to get the funds. Would Lariviere be willing to go for a similar deal? Cut spending on administrative excess and those vanity projects that help VP’s pad their vitae for the next move ? Would the UO faculty support him if he did agree to explicit targets on research excellence: citations, PhD’s who get academic jobs, grant funding?