UO tops in PAC-12 for men’s recruiting expenses

1/202012: From The Business of College Sports: We spent $922,632, about $150,000 more than the next highest, Washington. Presumably the $25,000 Chip Kelly paid to Willie Lyles is in there somewhere- though maybe not, as it was originally hidden as “library and research materials”. Also not sure about the $150,000 we are paying Mike Glazier to clean up the NCAA investigation of Kelly’s recruiting practices. Meanwhile USA Today is seeking a variety of additional info from the UO athletics department:


Upton, Jodi


USA Today

Initial Request Date: 


Status:  Requesting/Reviewing Records   01/20/2012 

 1)      The equity report completed annually by the athletic department for the National Collegiate Athletic Association for 2011. This report is a multi-page document that is submitted to the NCAA by mid January for the previous fiscal year, containing 36 revenue and expense categories, followed by specific breakdowns of each of those categories, by sport and gender. I am requesting the full report, which includes detail tables, the unaudited tables and the capital expenditure survey. PLEASE NOTE: The NCAA report is different than the equity report that is sent to the Department of Education’s EADA report for Title IX compliance. That document is shorter and contains less revenue and expense detail. It is well-established that these documents are public records, and USA TODAY has been collecting them for the past five years from all Division I public schools. The database can be viewed here: http://www.usatoday.com/sports/college/ncaa-finances.htm 

2)      The current contract for the men’s and women’s basketball coaches. If a contract is under negotiation, please forward the current contract but let me know that a new contract may be forthcoming. If there is no contact, please forward the letter of intent or other document that outlines the coach’s conditions of employment- including bonus structure- and a current statement of salary.   

3)      The most recent outside income report for the men’s and women’s basketball coaches. This is the annual document filled out each year by all coaches to comply with NCAA bylaw 11.2.2, in which athletic personnel report income earned by sources other than the university. Since there is no due date specified by the NCAA please forward the most recently-signed report. USA TODAY has also collected and posted such contracts (and outside income reports) over the past five years.

League of the Violators

11/8/2011: More public records are coming out on the Kelly / Lyles deal, courtesy of Adam Jude of the RG. The Oregonian report notes the documents include:

Email exchanges between Glazier, Ron Barker, Pac-12 associate commissioner for governance and enforcement; Steve Duffin, NCAA associate director of enforcement; Angie Cretors, NCAA associate director of agents, gambling and amateurism activities; Bill Clever, UO executive assistant athletic director for compliance, and James O’Fallon, UO law professor emeritus and the athletic department’s faculty rep.

Here’s a taste of the emails, more later. Everyone knows Kelly paid Lyles for Seastrunk and the other Texas players, the question is whether the evidence is so obvious the NCAA can’t ignore it, or whether the AD could come up with some scapegoat to take the fall for Chip Kelly. That seems to be getting harder given how much coach seemed to love chatting with Lyles. We paid “The Cleaner” Mike Glazier $75,000 in student tuition money, but things still look dirty. Solution? Quit the NCAA and start our own “League of the Violators”. USC is in, and now Penn State, any other freedom fighters?

NCAA Investigation invoices

10/24/2011: We reported a few weeks ago about how the UO administration is making the academic side pay half of the cost of hiring Michael Glazier, a.k.a. “The Cleaner“, the $330 an hour attorney and former NCAA insider brought in to clean up Chip Kelly’s mess. I’ve added his latest $5,758 bill to the growing pdf of his contracts and invoices. I don’t know what the trip to Waco was about, but the man’s not much of a tipper, that’s for sure.

We pay Chip Kelly $3.5 million. Shouldn’t he cover this bill himself?

Double secret redactions

10/5/2011: Want to know what the NCAA’s cleaner Michael Glazier is doing in exchange for the $150,000 UO is paying him? Good luck – here’s what the August invoice looks like, after the UO Public Records office is done with it:

The UO administration has no problem making the academic side pay $75,000 towards the cost of the NCAA coverup – but tell us what they are spending our money on? None of your business, professor punk. Move it along, nothing to see here.

I’m no neuroscientist, but I wonder what a Fast Fourier Analysis of these redactions would reveal? Meanwhile, I’ve got a petition in to Attorney General Kroger to determine if UO is really allowed to do this. Should have an answer in a week or two. The Glazier contracts and other invoices are here.

Academic side pays half the cost of NCAA investigation

9/29/2011: Why is the academic side of UO paying “The Cleaner” to defend Chip Kelly in an NCAA investigation? Shouldn’t the athletic department pay for this? From Ken Goe in the Oregonian:

The University of Oregon’s general counsel’s office and athletic department are sharing the cost for the specialty law firm Bond, Schoeneck & King, according to documents obtained by The Oregonian. …

Under terms of an agreement that began March 7 and expires Friday, the law firm can charge UO up to $150,000. Geller wrote that the general counsel’s office has funds budgeted for “outside counsel services.” “For the agreement with Bond, Schoeneck & King, the services are a shared responsibility between the General Counsel’s office and the Athletics Department,” he wrote. …

Documents approved by Jamie Moffitt, executive senior associate athletic director, show the athletic department would pay half of the legal bills from Bond, Schoeneck & King for March, April, June and July. 

The agreement that expires Friday is here, it will be replaced with a new one. Here’s one of the docs:

I first asked for the accounting documents back in July. Geller replied by claiming that none of the money spent on Glazier was available for academic matters. Of course it was, until he spent it.

Then Geller and Public Records Officer Liz Denecke spent almost 3 months stalling the release of the records that showed that the academic side was stuck with half the cost. Thet are still stalling release of the invoices that show what Mike Glazier has been doing for the money we are paying him. Not exactly transparent.

The Cleaner’s September bill

9/22/2011: We’ve written before about how UO General Counsel Randy Geller has hired longtime NCAA insider Michael Glazier for $150,000 to clean up the Willie Lyles mess – or at least sweep it under the rug, save Kelly’s job, and avoid paying Lyles the last $25,000 he was apparently promised.

Geller *really* does not want to tell us how much of that bill the academic side of the university is paying. We will have those numbers soon – and no Randy, we’re not going to pay you $57.03 for them. Here’s the latest invoice from Glazier. Download it and the contracts here. More on this later.

NCAA officially announces UO recruiting is under investigation

9/17/2011: In the Oregonian:

Mullens pledged full cooperation with the NCAA and said the University has retained outside counsel (Bond, Schoeneck and King) to conduct an independent assessment of the football program’s use of outside recruiting services. Once completed, that report will be made public.

Yes, we are paying “The Cleaner” Michael Glazier $150K for his “advice” on the investigation. We expect to soon have documents showing what percentage of that comes from the academic side. Meanwhile, Andy Staples has offered Chip Kelly and Rob Mullens his help for free.

9/18/2011: More from Rob Moseley here, George Schroeder here, and Rachel Bachman here, with a quote you know Pres Lariviere is going to regret:

“We’ve cooperated with the NCAA very extensively and looked at this really, really carefully internally, and I have very high confidence in this group of people. Very high confidence.”

Willie Lyles is apparently still working in a Houston grocery store for $8 an hour – while the NCAA insiders are still raking it in.

Not very transparent, Randy

7/28/2011: UO General Counsel Randy Geller has no problem signing his name to a $150,000 contract appropriating state funds to hire “The Cleaner” to “investigate” UO’s NCAA compliance:

But ask him whether the athletic department or the academic side is going to pay that bill? Now he’s counting pennies – and it will cost you $57.03 to get an answer.

Mullens speaks

7/22/1011: Or at least he emailed the UO Foundation board, and other boosters. Ron Bellamy has the story:

“The firm has been charged with making an independent assessment of the football program’s use of outside recruiting services,” Mullens wrote. “In addition, they have been asked to provide the University with recommendations for areas of improvement within the football program and athletics department in order to meet best practices.

“We look forward to making the recommendations public at the conclusion of the process. The University, our Head Coach and the entire Athletic Department are fully committed to ensuring our program is following best practices.”

Apparently telling the public or the faculty who is paying the $150,000 bill for Michael Glazier, the specialist in “best practices” is not a “best practice”. One of the reasons for hiring an outside firm is the hope that the details of their work can then be hidden from review by the public, and the NCAA, by an attorney-client privilege exemption. That may get interesting – the exemption is much less general than is generally known.

July invoice from the "The Cleaner"

7/18/2011: And I ain’t talking about the carpets in PLC. Contract and invoices here. $8,359.12 last month, including a trip to Eugene – looks like a last minute airfare purchase.

UO GC Randy Geller contracted with these guys for $150,000 – and he is now trying to charge the faculty $57.03 to find out who is paying the bill.

I got this email from PR Officer Liz Denecke – but she made a point of saying it was Randy Geller who made the decision to charge me. I can appeal the decision not to waive the fee to the DOJ. They will prepare an analysis of the costs and benefits of disclosure – and they will charge UO about $500 to do this. Sounds like Geller is happy to have UO pay that bill too, just to make it as difficult as possible for people to find out what’s happening here.

July 15, 2011

Dear Mr. X:

The University of Oregon, Office of Public Records received your public records request on July 12, 2011, below. The office has at least some documents responsive to your request.  By this email, the office is providing you with an estimate to respond to your requests.

The office estimates the actual cost of responding to your revised request to be $57.03. Upon receipt of your check for this amount, the office will proceed to locate, copy, and provide the records you requested that are not exempt from disclosure.  Your check may be sent to the attention of Office of Public Records, 6207 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403-6207. …

The university has received your request for a fee waiver for these records.  The decision to waive or reduce fees is discretionary with the public body.  After considering your request below, the office does not consider that the totality of the circumstances you presented meets the standard for a fee waiver, and your request for a waiver is denied.

Thank you for contacting us with your request.

Liz Denecke

Elizabeth Denecke
Office of Public Records
6207 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403-6207
[email protected]