Gottfredson contract is

here. For contrast Larivere’s is here. I don’t see a clause preventing Gottfredson from pursuing the New Partnership – but Pernsteiner’s board does reserve the right to fire him on 30 days notice, without cause. Page 6. Wow. But even Lariviere’s first contract had something similar, as does Pernsteiner’s. BTW – catch the contract reference to Gottfredson using Treetops as the official Pres residence? Now what could that be about. Meanwhile the New Partnership PAC has $415K in the bank – easily enough to buy a few legislative swing votes. That said there’s no indication Gottfredson wants to pursue this. 7/31/2012.

Still no Gottfredson contract

From the OUS public records officer, 7/26/2012:

President Gottfredson’s contract is still being finalized but should be executed soon. Interim President Berdahl does not have a “post-president” contract with OUS.




Charles Triplett

Gottfredson starts in 6 days. Here’s hoping the delay is because he is negotiating with Pernsteiner for the right to fire Randy Geller, who now works for OUS, not us.

More on Gottfredson in RG

6/16/2012: Diane Dietz of the RG on Gottfredson: Lots of info and many quotes, sounds like a solid guy.

He starts Aug 1, which means Berdahl gets to approve the July round of contracts for the Johnson Hall crew. It will be interesting to see how many “special assistant” jobs the insiders end up with. There’s a list from Feb here. Bean/Moseley deal here. Early May update here. Late May Frohnmayer update here. Berdahl’s own special UC deal here.

Administrative alert!

ODE video here. Let the brown-nosing begin:

June 14, 2012

To: UO students, faculty and staff

University of Oregon students, faculty and staff are invited to attend the State Board of Higher Education’s formal vote to approve Michael Gottfredson as the next president of the University of Oregon and celebrate the end of the academic year with a reception following the vote at approximately 9:30 a.m. on Friday, June 15. The vote will begin at approximately 9 a.m. tomorrow (Friday, June 15) in the Ford Lecture Hall at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art.  There will be a reception (same location) immediately following the vote at approximately 9:30 a.m.

Michael R. Gottfredson, who has a doctorate in criminology, serves currently as executive vice chancellor and provost at the University of California, Irvine, and is a professor of criminology, law and society. More information about Dr. Gottfredson is available at

If confirmed as president, he will begin on Aug. 1, 2012, allowing for transition with Interim President Berdahl before the next academic year begins.

Here’s my best shot: Compare google searches for “insider trading Berdahl” with “insider trading Gottfredson“. The first gets you a list of Berdahl’s (perfectly legal) insider trades from the SEC Edgar data. The second gets you a list of citations to academic research on how Gottfredson’s model of criminal behavior applies to insider trading.

Update: The vote went off w/o a hitch. It’s almost as if Pernsteiner had planned UO’s presidential transition with Matt Donegan and the board before the meeting.

Irvine confuses UO Matters with OUS press office

Forwarded on to me from a few different UCI faculty:

From: “Michael V. Drake, Chancellor”
Subject: Leadership Update
Date: June 11, 2012 10:27:01 AM PDT
To: “UCI Community”: ;

Dear Colleagues,

Earlier today, the Oregon University System announced that Michael R. Gottfredson, our executive vice chancellor and provost, is the sole candidate for the position of president, University of Oregon. For more information, follow this link to Oregon’s news release:

Mike has been an exemplary provost, and he will make a wonderful president. I will miss my friend and colleague if he decides to move on, but we know that this is an opportunity he couldn’t pass up. The board of the Oregon University System is scheduled to make a final decision on this position at the end of this week. I’m extremely happy for Mike and his wife Karol. They’ll be terrific at Oregon. We’ll miss them and wish them the very best.

Chancellor Michael>

A few hours later they noticed that UO Matters is, well, not exactly the official voice of UO:

From: “University Communications”
Subject: Correction to Leadership Update
Date: June 11, 2012 12:31:14 PM PDT
To: “UCI Community”: ;

Dear Colleagues,>

Very disappointingly, the link we distributed in our earlier email regarding Michael Gottfredson’s candidacy for the position of president, University of Oregon, was erroneous and should be disregarded. Below is the statement from University of Oregon.

University Communications
Michael Gottfredson announced as finalist for University of Oregon President

Candidate to meet with campus community on June 12, 13

Note to Editors: Campus public forums schedule, media information and downloadable photo of Dr. Gottfredson are available at

Contact: Di Saunders – Office: 503-725-5714; Cell: 971-219-6869

Posted Mon, 06/11/2012 – 8:53am

“erroneous and should be disregarded”? That’s defamation per se! This blog provides much more accurate information than Di Saunders or Phil Weiler – and I have the award to prove it – sort of.

But more to the point, the UCI faculty have almost entirely good things to say about Mike Gottfredson. The worst complaint, so far, is along the lines of “I wish this had gone our way but his explanation of why he decided differently made sense.”

And from Anon: “well-respected, businesslike, and cool-headed under pressure. With the UC budget crisis he has had to make a lot of tough decisions and taken some heat for it, but his reputation is as someone who’s done the best he can given the situation in front of him.”

Oregonian criticizes UO presidential search

6/11/2012: Bill Graves of the Oregonian on the UO search:

The 22-member UO search committee provided three finalists, said George Pernsteiner, chancellor of the Oregon University System, but “I thought, ‘let’s go with the one the committee and I both thought was the best candidate.'” 

… But some higher education experts said one finalist is unusual and generally puts the board in a weaker position for making one of its most important decisions.
Single finalists are becoming more common but generally are “not the optimal way to proceed,” said Michael Poliakoff, vice president of policy for the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, a nonprofit that promotes higher education quality.

Read it all. Graves often has a pro Pernsteiner/OUS slant to his stories, one way to read this is as an attempt to point out that this secretive search process does not build consensus and legitimacy for the UO president that will now take on OUS. Of course, it’s several orders of magnitude better than the process that Neil Goldschmidt used to hire Dr. Pernsteiner.

UO President Michael Gottfredson

 Some links (Also see ODE

UCI visitors: If you are looking for background on why UO is searching for a new president, here’s a good summary from the local paper and here’s an op-ed from our current interim President. In our comments, there’s a request for info from UCI people:

My name is Becky Metrick and I am the News Editor for the Oregon Daily Emerald. We are working on a profile of Gottfredson and would love some comments on what he was like as a leader of your institution. If either of you would like to comment, please give us a call at (541)346-5511×320 or email
Thank you!

It’s a moot point, but from the schedule so far he will have exactly *one* public campus meeting before our OUS overlords vote to make him our new President: Tuesday, June 12, Event:  Campus forum, Time:  4:30 to 5:30 p.m., Location: 182 Lillis.

Update: He’s also scheduled many meetings with faculty and student groups.

    Email pronouncement from Dr. Pernsteiner:

    To:            University of Oregon Community

    From:       George Pernsteiner, Chancellor, Oregon University System

    Re:           Announcement from the Chancellor on Finalist for University of Oregon President

    I am excited to announce to you this morning that a finalist for the next president of the University of Oregon has been named and will be announced publicly later today.

    The finalist is Dr. Michael R. Gottfredson, currently the Executive Vice-Chancellor and Provost at the University of California, Irvine, and a Professor of Criminology, Law and Society.

    Dr. Gottfredson’s name was forwarded to me and the State Board of Higher Education by the UO President Search Committee last week. The State Board will be meeting this Friday, June 15, to vote on the appointment. Beginning tomorrow, Dr. Gottfredson and his wife Karol will be in Eugene to meet with the campus community in meetings and public forums through Wednesday morning. A schedule for these is located at:

    Dr. Gottfredson is a well regarded scholar and a successful academic leader with a strong record of achievement, including his research work in the field of Criminology. In his current role at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) and in his prior positions, Dr. Gottfredson has been able to create new programs and departments, focus on improving the undergraduate experience, hire more faculty, and improve research productivity. He has led a wide and diverse array of university efforts, always with a focus on investments in quality, even during times of immense budget challenges, and most recently, rapid and drastic funding cuts throughout the University of California system. He is also extremely effective at engaging with faculty, students, staff and the university community at large to advance student success and outcomes important to all stakeholders. He is a thoughtful colleague and a collaborator who instills confidence through his leadership approach. A summary of Dr. Gottfredson’s background is below.

    We know that this is not the ideal week for Dr. Gottfredson’s visit, but due to the need for an accelerated search process, the timing of the search has led us to the conclusion of the process this week. I know many of you are engaged in taking or marking exams and papers, but hope you can take some time to attend the meetings and forums.

    My gratitude goes out to Chair Allyn Ford and the twenty-two member search committee, who worked so hard through an accelerated schedule to identify the highest quality candidates for the University of Oregon. The energy, time and commitment from the committee are a testament to the UO community and your care, dedication and love for this University.

    If you have any comments regarding Dr. Gottfredson after your attendance at one of the campus events, you can reply to me at this email or: Thank you again for your commitment to the University of Oregon and for welcoming Dr. Gottfredson and Karol to campus.

    Background on Dr. Gottfredson:

    Dr. Gottfredson has served as executive vice chancellor and provost, and professor of Criminology, Law and Society at the University of California, Irvine since 2000. At UCI, Gottfredson is responsible for a $1.8 billion annual operating budget, a medical school and an academic medical center, annual grants and contracts of $350 million, 1,500 faculty and 27,000 students. Additionally, he is responsible for strategic planning, and a new fundraising campaign. During this time he has led efforts to significantly grow enrollment, faculty, degree programs, facilities, new schools, and departments, including Statistics, Biomedical Engineering, Informatics, Interdisciplinary Neuroscience, Mathematical Behavioral Science and Comparative Literature. Dr. Gottfredson helped to create the California Institute for Telecommunications and Technology, including the construction of a $55 million research facility, and the new public law school. He is also known for substantially increasing representation of women and under-represented minority faculty and administrators; and for his extensive work to enhance the undergraduate experience within a large research university. He also led a major expansion of the campus infrastructure, blending state, campus and private support.

    Prior to joining the UCI, Dr. Gottfredson served in several positions at the University of Arizona from 1985 to 2000, including interim senior vice president for academic affairs and provost, vice provost and vice president of Undergraduate Education, acting director of the School of Public Administration and Policy, head of the Department of Management and Policy in the College of Business and Public Administration; and was professor of Management and Policy, Law, Sociology and Psychology.

    Other academic positions Dr. Gottfredson has held include associate professor at The Claremont Graduate School, Claremont, California from 1983-1985; associate professor of Sociology, University of Illinois, Urbana from 1981 to 1983; assistant professor at the Graduate School of Criminal Justice, State University of New York at Albany from 1977 to 1979; and director of the Criminal Justice Research Center in Albany, New York from 1976 to 1979.

    Dr. Gottfredson’s board and professional service is extensive, and includes current appointments as a Trustee of the University of California Foundation; Executive Committee of Chief Academic Affairs Officers with the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities; the Orange County Technology and Action Network; and the Elliott Family Foundation, among others. Current and past service includes member of the AAU Chief Academic Officers; Budget Committee of the University of California; and chair of the UC’s compensation re-design committee, and many others.

    Gottfredson’s academic awards include Extraordinarius, UCI (2012); elected fellow of the Western Society of Criminology (2012); UCI Advance Gender Equity Award (2006); American Justice Institute award for Outstanding Contributions to Crime Theory (2003); and many others, reflecting his contributions to leadership in higher education, criminology, equity, and scholarship.

    Dr. Gottfredson holds a Ph.D. and an M.A. from the State University of New York at Albany; and an A.B. from the University of California, Davis.