UO squeaks past WSU, by 8 points!

Update: WSU President Elson Floyd on leadership and his voluntary pay cut:

Leadership: I believe very strongly in leadership by example-in working very hard at what we do-and I work hard to inculcate those values at our institution every day. When we faced the greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression, all of us had to make many sacrifices. I’m not a wealthy person, but I voluntarily reduced my salary by $100,000. I’ve asked my faculty to teach additional sections and to engage in more research because we have to do more with less. I’m also teaching a course this fall on top of a very complicated schedule. It’s about leadership by example.

But read this WSU blogger for a more skeptical view. And you have to wonder how much WSU blew attempting to defend Floyd for his firing of Professor Demers, in the free speech case.


Salary data from the Chronicle, which includes engineering, but not med schools. Acreage from Wikipedia. Athletics budget from USA Today. SAT scores from Uncle Bernie.

UO now offering 21% for retention raises

10/18/13. For administrators like Robin Holmes, and coaches. And of course we’ve got millions for deadwood administrators. Another million for Sharon Rudnick and her consultants. $2.4M for the Portland White Stage lease. $350K a year to rent the Presidential Skybox at Autzen from Rob Mullens. $500K from academics to pay for Matt Court bonds. $2.8M for admins on the “tenure reduction program”. Millions for “strategic communicators”. And now it seems Scott Coltrane has budgeted another $400K to top off the $1.8M the academic side has to pay for the Jock Box. So far this year they’ve spent $17K on “Engraving Services”. WTF?

In a few weeks UO Controller Kelly Wolf will release the itemized listing of how much Gottfredson spent on consultants last year. Rumor is that it will be astounding.

For the faculty, sorry, not so much.

UO wifi issues now resolved

10/14/13: 300 baud, full duplex. Dial-up pool info here.

10/13/13: During the union bargaining Jamie Moffitt said the faculty would have to choose between raises to get us to our comparators, or wifi. Seems like we got neither. The RG has a great photo, and details from Diane Dietz:

Capacity is the major problem, a university-based blog reported. It will take expenditures in the millions of dollars to address the capacity issue, Melissa Woo, vice provost of Information Services, told a gathering of deans, according to the blog. Woo didn’t respond to phone calls from The Register-Guard seeking comment. Temperamental WiFi is not an easy problem to explain to incoming students, who are accustomed to connecting easily at Starbucks or McDonald’s — or the brew pub down the street.

True enough, Rennie’s and McMenamins at 19th always have good connections. But faculty should keep in mind Dean Gleason’s strict drug and alcohol policy: two cases of emailing while under the influence and you can be terminated. Or did that make it into the final contract?

Stay calm! All is well!

As we stand at the threshold of this exciting reform, I see a bold path forward. If you had told me a year ago, when I first arrived at the University of Oregon, that today we would be this far along this path, I’m not sure I would have believed you. But our state has taken remarkable steps this year, choosing this bold path, secure in the knowledge that it clearly benefits Oregon and Oregonians, it clearly advances the mission and quality of each of our universities.

Too little, too late. It’s been more than a year. Gottfredson is clearly in over his head. He should go back to teaching criminology at $360K.

Whoever is currently in charge of UO – is anyone in charge? – should just appoint Scott Coltrane as interim President. Hit restart.

The UO faculty now know way too much about Gottfredson’s refusal to spend money on merit raises or for start-ups for research labs. While he’s got no problem pissing away millions on police, Portland, football, deadwood administrators, pet administrative projects. $1M on Sharon Rudnick? The man has lost control of the university.

I don’t know about your department, but in mine plenty of people are now on the market.

Who would have guessed that George Pernsteiner’s pick for UO President would have turned out so badly?

Ducks skin Buffaloes by 39 points!

10/4/2013: That would be Duck President Michael Gottfredson, vs. UC-Boulder Chancellor Phil DiFestano. Duck faculty, on the other hand, lost this one by 13%:

Faculty salary averages are for Fall 2012, from the Chronicle/AAUP data. President/Chancellor salary and deferred compensation from news reports. Colorado system President Bruce Benson makes $359K. In 2011 he turned down a raise from his board, redirecting the money to faculty merit raises.


9/28/2013: I don’t know who hooked UO up with eduroam, but it’s genius. Use your UO login to get wifi at universities all over the world. Eduroam comes up as a wifi router, click and login. Working great in Lausanne. You can also let visitors use UO’s network. Nobody tell Geller about this, OK? 

Gottfredson bans Frohnmayer and Rudnick from campus

9/27/2013 update: Looks like the law school is paying Frohnmayer $50K to co-teach a 19 person class in the Honor’s college with his long-time assistant Barbara West:

The course focuses on a small number of topics central to theories of leadership including totalitarianism, charisma, ethics, and the heroic leader. (sic)

That can’t be all – anyone know what else he’s doing on campus?

9/26/2013: Sorry guys, but UO is now tobacco-free. You should have thought about it before you took that tobacco company money.

“The University of Oregon is now a healthier campus,” said UO President Michael Gottfredson. “I appreciate the leadership of the governor, and the hard work of our students and other campus and community members in getting us to this day.” 

Everybody gets a car!

9/13/2013: Or not. I’d add the salaries, but Dave Hubin’s public records office is delaying them until after the faculty and SEIU unions are done negotiating. These are as of the end of May.

Name Title 2013 car stipend
Gottfredson, Michael President $14,400
Andreasen, Michael C Vice Pres for Univ Development $9,300
Bean, James C Provost $9,300
Redding, Michael Vice Pres University Relations $9,300
Westhead, Paul W Head Women’s Basketball Coach $7,200
Altman, Dana D Head Men’s Basketball Coach $6,000
Beck, Jennifer L Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach $4,800
Duncan, Michael P Sr Assc AD Facil Ops & Events $4,800
Martin, Casey M Head Men’s Golf Coach $4,800
Mulkey, Felecia L Head Coach Stunts & Gymnastics $4,800
Mullens, Robert A Dir Intercollegiate Athletics $4,800
Peterson, Lisa L Senior Associate Athletic Dir $4,800
Pintens, Craig A Sr Assoc AD Marketing & PR $4,800
Scott, Ria Denise G Head Women’s Golf Coach $4,800
White, Michael C Head Softball Coach $4,800
Campbell, Gary L Assistant Football Coach $3,600
Cohen, Jill A Events Coordinator DAF $3,600
Cook, James F Asst Men’s & Women’s T&F Coach $3,600
Frost, Scott A Asst FB Coach – Wide Receivers $3,600
Lee, Shandrika T Asst Women’s Basketball Coach $3,600
Metro, Stacy A Asst Volleyball Coach $3,600
Muscatell, Daniel R Asst Women’s Basketball Coach $3,600
Neal, John C Assistant Football Coach $3,600
Osborne, Thomas S Special Teams Coordinator $3,600
Uhlman, Jason A Assistant Baseball Coach $3,600
Ziemann, Bianca L Asst Women’s Basketball Coach $3,600
Miller, Blake A Assistant Softball Coach $3,000

UO SEIU staff now voting on strike authorization

9/10/2013, from a helpful staff member:


Only SEIU members can vote. If you are not a member yet, membership applications will be available on-site for those you want to join and vote. If you don’t remember whether you’ve completed an application, we can check on-site! You can arrive and vote or stay for one of the brief bargaining presentations. There will be time for Q&A and signups to volunteer during a potential strike.

TODAY! Tuesday, September 10: 150 Columbia, Polls open 11:30 am-6:30 pm. Presentations at Noon, 3:00 pm and 5:15 pm.