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Public Records

6/16/2009: No responses yet to our public records requests for data on the Bend program losses, the $3 million on Johnson Hall remodeling, and we are still waiting for copies of Frohnmayer’s retirement contract and Lariviere’s contract – presumably meaning that they are still haggling out the details with OUS.…

The Gist of the Furlough Plan

Senior administrators at UO earn 100% of their comparators.President Frphnmayer earns $150,000 more than his comparators.UO Faculty earn 83% of their comparators.We’ve taken voluntary cuts for years. When Frohnmayer and the VPs have given back enough salary to get down to 83% like us, we should have a serious conversation.

ICC memo

(From May 2009) MEMORANDUMTo: Units receiving ICC beginning budget allocationsFrom: Rich LintonSubject: ICC Beginning Budget Allocations- FY10 ICC- FY10 Beginning Budget The ICC beginning budget for FY10 will be posted in the coming days, and I write to communicate two key decisions regarding the overall allocations effective July 1, 2009.…

bargaining 37 stuff

ADMIN TEAM DELAYS BARGAINING UNTIL 1PM TODAY, TUESDAY. GLEASON DRIVES OFF, TOLD TO CHECK FOOTBALL PALACE CUSHIONS FOR LOOSE CHANGE: CECIL RALLIES FACULTY FOR 14.5%, OR STRIKE: Bargaining: Tuesday 9/3/2013, 1pm-4pm(?), Room 122 or 101 Knight Library.9:00 AM: Gottfredson meeting with his $100K a month bargaining team: The most recent admin…