University ignores sunk costs, cancels intentionally crippled AAU rape survey

6/15/2015 update:  That would be UC-Boulder. The Chronicle has the report here.

5/27/2015 update: Asking Too Much, or Not Enough?

Jake New has the latest in InsideHigherEd, here:

… The questions asked students if they had ever experienced a number of specific sexual activities without their consent, describing those actions with words and phrases such as “oral sex” and “penetration,” and defining the terms using definitions such as “when a person puts a penis, finger or object inside someone else’s vagina or anus.”

… At Penn, some students also complained that they didn’t realize the survey was about sexual assault, as it was referred to as a “climate survey,” as these kinds of surveys commonly are. Thinking the survey was about climate change, the students claimed, they deleted the email. The university declined to comment on the complaints, and said it does not plan on releasing its response rate until the fall. Harvard had a response rate of 52 percent, thanks in part to a large ad campaign on campus, including a video message from Harvard graduate Conan O’Brien.

I still think John Bonine’s Chronicle op-ed (below) is the most serious critique, because it points out that the AAU will hide the college identifiers that would allow researchers to figure out what policies are most effective at reducing sexual assaults. And the new report points to a new problem along those lines. The AAU has allowed campuses to use wildly different strategies to encourage students to complete the survey, and the resulting differences in response rates and who responds will further complicate any such efforts.

4/17/2015 update: VP Robin Holmes kicks off intentionally crippled $87K AAU rape survey
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Fracture on UO campus hurts all over

Oregonian sports columnist John Canzano has the story here:

Oregon will tell you that it regularly conducts its own education and training sessions for athletes. One of them, it was recently revealed, included a presentation to Ducks football players by an athletic department staffer on how Russian prostitutes working for motorcycle gangs might target them.

So that scenario is covered. Now, maybe let’s get real. Maybe bring a local woman who was assaulted 16 years ago in front of the college football players and lets get busy changing attitudes and putting a real face on horrible crime.

Canzano covers it all. The explosion in the Duck budget, and the irritation of the state legislature. Gottfredson’s attempt to replace the Senate IAC with a more complacent PAGIA, chaired by advertising professor Kim Sheehan. The IAC bringing survivor Brenda Tracy to campus (video here) and none of the athletic department employees coming to hear her. Coltrane paying PR flack Anna Richter-Taylor $299K to “hold his hand” about PR disaster he inherited from Gottfredson and Geller, and the countersuit against Jane Doe. And more. Read it all.

And watch the Brenda Tracy video. She is the survivor of a sexual assault by two Oregon State football players and two others, 16 years ago. She went public after newspapers broke the story of the alleged UO basketball player gang rape of Jane Doe. John Canzano published Ms Tracy’s horrible and courageous story in the Oregonian, here, Kurt Krueger, the chair of the UO Senate’s Intercollegiate Athletics Committee, invited her to speak at UO. Here is her story, which must be heard:

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 11.10.12 AM

Contrast it with Duck basketball coach Dana Altman’s evasive news conference from last year, here:

Board rejects student trustee Helena Schlegel’s call for equal representation

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 9.46.43 AM

Rich Read of the Oregonian has an excellent report on the BOT committee meeting, here. The UO Senate and UO Law School professors Bonine, Forrell, and Gassama deserve full credit for making long overdue changes in the code, which VP Robin Holmes had been neglecting for years.

Not shown in the photo are UO lawyers Doug Park and Samantha (Sam) Hill who, are currently under investigation by the Oregon Bar, for their role in obtaining the confidential counseling records of Jane Doe after the alleged basketball gang-rape survivor. Rich Read has the report on Counseling Center employees who blew the whistle on their boss Shelly Kerr and Park and Hill here.

Meanwhile Holmes has brought Dr. Jennifer Hammat up from Texas as UO’s sole finalist for the unfortunately named “AVP for Sexual Assault” job. There was a very brief public Q&A on Wed., if anyone went please post a comment. If Hammat is hired she will report to Holmes and work with the famously incompetent Penny Daugherty. None of this inspires confidence.

Counseling Center whistleblowers give details on how UO lawyer Sam Hill got Jane Doe records

Rich Read in the Oregonian:

UO whistleblowers: giving student’s confidential therapy records to campus lawyers felt wrong

EUGENE — The executive assistant to the director of the University of Oregon‘s Counseling Center disobeyed instructions last December and showed a therapist a confidential email from their boss.

The email’s directions horrified both Karen Stokes, the director’s assistant, and Jennifer Morlok, the clinician.

Shelly Kerr, the center’s director, told Stokes in the Dec. 8, 2014, message to give the university’s legal office a client’s entire case file — including notes taken by Morlok during private therapy sessions.

The client was a UO freshman who says she was gang raped multiple times on March 8, 2014,by three members of the men’s basketball team.

Normally mental-health professionals go to great lengths, even in the face of court orders, to release as little information about clients as possible. Clinicians want patients to feel safe expressing their most intimate thoughts and feelings during therapy.

But in this case, Morlok said, no one in the counseling center had notified the patient of the UO General Counsel’s Office request for the records. Neither had the center obtained the client’s consent.

Both those steps, including the client’s written permission, were required by campus counseling center policy at the time and by private, off-campus clinics as a general practice. …

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 11.53.07 AM

And more on this continuing story:

UO Counseling Center has given private therapy records to university lawyers more than once

The University of Oregon‘s Counseling Center has given a student’s confidential therapy records to lawyers working for the university more than just once, according to a recent article in the Eugene Weeklynewspaper.

On Thursday, The Oregonian/Oregonlive published a story reporting on how the clinic’s director gave university lawyers a patient’s private file without her knowledge or consent. In that case, the Oregon State Bar and the Oregon Board of Psychologist Examiners are investigating potential legal and ethical violations involving therapy records of a woman who says she was gang raped by three Ducks basketball players.

The Eugene Weekly’s May 28 article told the story of Laura Hanson, a UO student who claimed the university mishandled her allegations of sexual assault against the then-president of a campus fraternity.

The story by Camilla Mortensen reported that Hanson received a $30,000 settlement in the case, in which Hanson accused the university of delaying an investigation and taking a year to find the frat president “responsible for sexual misconduct as defined in the Student Conduct Code.”

Eugene lawyer Jennifer Middleton represented Hanson and also represents the freshman whose case The Oregonian/Oregonlive wrote about. She told Eugene Weekly she was surprised to learn, while speaking to the UO’s outside counsel concerning the Hanson case, that the lawyer had her client’s counseling-center records.

Rape survivor Brenda Tracy at the Senate IAC, Altman and Mullens don’t show.

Brenda Tracy is the survivor of a sexual assault by two Oregon State football players and two others, 16 years ago. She went public after newspapers broke the story of the alleged UO basketball player gang rape of Jane Doe. John Canzano published Ms Tracy’s horrible and courageous story in the Oregonian, here, Kurt Krueger, the chair of the UO Senate’s Intercollegiate Athletics Committee, invited her to speak at UO. Here is her story, which must be heard:

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 11.10.12 AM

Krueger invited UO Athletics Director Rob Mullens and the other IAC representatives on the athletic department to attend her talk:

Member Unit Contact Term Exp
Rob Mullens Athletics Director [email protected] Ex Officio Non-Voting
Eric Roedl Athletics Director Designee [email protected] Ex Officio Non-Voting
Lisa Peterson Athletics Director Designee [email protected] Ex Officio Non-Voting
Jody Sykes Athletics Director Designee [email protected] Ex Officio Non-Voting
Crain Pintens Athletics Director Designee [email protected] Ex Officio Non-Voting

None of them showed. The Duck athletic department has been boycotting Senate IAC meetings, because the IAC’s faculty, staff, and student members have been asking them too many difficult questions. Instead they attend the closed meetings of the “President’s Advisory Group on Intercollegiate Athletics”, chaired by Professor Kim Sheehan (Advertising), which former president Mike Gottfredson set up a few weeks after he learned of the basketball rape allegations. The PAGIA is a less representative replacement for the Senate’s elected IAC, where the AD can avoid tough questions while pretending to cooperate with the sort of shared governance of athletics that UO’s academic accreditors and the NCAA require.

So what has the UO athletic department been doing about sexual assault prevention? Bizarre presentations from Duck “Professional Development Coordinator” Tom Hart to the football team, on the dangers of getting lured into compromising situations that could ruin their careers, by Russian prostitutes hired by local motorcycle gangs. Yes, that’s what the athletic department thinks is UO’s sexual assault problem. Really.

VP Holmes announces sole candidate for unfortunately titled “AVP for Sexual Assault” job

5/27/2015 update: 

Dear campus community,

The search committee and I invite you to meet Dr. Jennifer Hammat, candidate for the position of Assistant Vice President for Sexual Assault & Title IX Coordinator.

Dr. Hammat will be visiting campus on June, 2nd. At 3:00 p.m. in room 16 of Pacific Hall, she will be giving a 20-minute presentation on the following topic: Getting it Right: Overcoming Obstacles and Forging a Campus-wide Response to Sexual Assault. This will be followed by 25 minutes of Q&A. Please join us in this opportunity to meet Dr. Hammat. Her CV will be available soon on Around the Oops.

After attending, we would ask that you kindly submit any feedback to Brenda Porter at [email protected]

Robin H. Holmes, Ph.D., Vice President Division of Student Life

4/2/2015 update: Both the Senate Force and Gottfredson/Coltrane’s hand-picked “Independent Review Panel” proposed an independent administrator who could take responsibility for sexual assault prevention and response away from the manipulative VP Robin Holmes and UO’s incompetent Director of Affirmative Action, Penny Daugherty. Those recommendations are here:

Senate Task Force on Sexual Violence Prevention: Website and Final Report.

Gottfredson and Coltrane’s handpicked “independent” review panel. Website and Final Report.

Apparently Coltrane and Bronet did not consult with either group, and let Robin Holmes write the rather unfortunate job title and the job description. The new AVP will be under Holmes’s thumb, and unlikely to challenge her mistakes and obfuscations.

Now Coltrane and Bronet are already having to backtrack on this. Next time, try consulting someone other than the admins in the Executive Leadership Bunker first? Rich Read has the story in the Oregonian here:

Using words such as “sweeping” and “robust,” the University of Oregon has announced initiatives to prevent sexual assault, with plans to hire an assistant vice president responsible for fighting such violence.

But the word “assistant” doesn’t impress a professor who co-chaired a UO task force that specifically recommended in November that a position of vice president be created to handle the high-profile job.

Carol Stabile, a professor in the School of Journalism and Communication’s department of women’s and gender studies, co-chaired the University Senate Task Force to Address Sexual Violence and Survivor Support. She and Jennifer Freyd, a UO psychology professor who also served on the task force, said Wednesday they were disappointed by the decision ofInterim UO President Scott Coltrane‘s administration. …

3/30/2015: Instead of firing Penny Daugherty, Coltrane to hire AVP to do her job

Baby steps, I suppose. Job posting here. Reports to VP Robin Holmes. $105K-$120K. Chuck Triplett gets $130K, and didn’t even have to go through a search.

Six UO employees, including vice president, under investigation for alleged misconduct concerning rape case

That’s today’s news from Rich Read in the Oregonian:

Six University of Oregon employees, including a vice president and the school’sinterim top lawyer, are under investigation for alleged misconduct in the handling of therapy records of a student who says she was gang-raped by three Ducks basketball players.

The Oregon State Bar is investigating complaints against interim general counsel Douglas Park and associate general counsel Samantha Hill. The Oregon Board of Psychologist Examiners is investigating complaints against four people, including Robin Holmes, the university’s vice president for student life, who is a licensed psychologist.

Jennifer Morlok, a senior staff therapist identified in legal correspondence as the clinician who counseled the woman, filed all the complaints. The state Bar can, among other possible penalties for misconduct, permanently disbar a lawyer for gross violations of professional-conduct rules. The psychologist’s board can, in extreme cases of wrongdoing, revoke practitioners’ licenses. Each organization can also dismiss cases or issue mild rebukes.

…  The Board of Psychologist Examiners received initial investigation results during a confidential meeting March 20, and voted to investigate further, according to documents obtained by The Oregonian/Oregonlive. The board is sending written questions to the four psychologists that must be answered within 30 days.

Robert Steringer, a lawyer hired by the university to represent the psychologists, said they did nothing that would violate the American Psychological Association’s ethical principles and code of conduct, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and Oregon laws.

…. On Thursday, UO senior communications director Julie Brown released a statement on behalf of the university, which said in part: “We are confident that the Oregon Board of Psychologist Examiners and the Oregon State Bar will clear the individuals of what we believe are false claims and accusations.

“The individuals involved are fully cooperating with the entities leading the inquiries,” Brown wrote, “and continue to carry out their job responsibilities with honesty and professionalism for our students.”

So all these people are now lawyered up. Robert Steringer of HLGR represents the psychologists, he’s paid for by UO. Arden Jolson also of HLGR represents Doug Park, and Bradley Tellam of Stoel Rives represents Doug Park’s Associate GC Samantha (Sam) Hill.

Interesting that Park and Hill have separate lawyers, from separate firms. Some sort of conflict in their stories about what happened?

All of Altman’s recruits in the alleged gang rape now playing ball again

Here’s Dana Altman last May, sort of explaining that he’d hoped to quietly transfer the players away without telling their new schools what happened at UO before the press found out about the allegations:

Turns out he’s not the only coach who isn’t that particular. All three of the players now have found new schools. InsideHigherEd has the story, here.

AG Rosenblum avoids direct reference to Shelly Kerr and Doug Park, in endorsing bill to keep counseling records private

4/4/2015 update: Shelly Kerr is the UO Counseling Center Director who handed over Jane Doe’s counseling records, at the request of Interim UO GC Doug Park. New legislation would make that illegal. Oregon AG Ellen Rosenblum on the RG Op-Ed page:

We like to think of college as a wonderful time of growth and learning. The reality in Oregon, however, is that college can be a very dangerous period for too many young women.

Recent events have given our students a good reason to worry that when they have been sexually assaulted and want to have the benefit of victims’ support and counseling services, they cannot trust their college to protect their privacy. That is because Oregon is one of only 10 states without confidentiality protections for victims seeking services from domestic violence or sexual assault advocates.

It is time for Oregon to step forward and ensure the privacy of victims’ communications and records. We know that many students who have been sexually assaulted are choosing not to seek critically needed help. Studies indicate that the primary reason victims of sexual assault do not come forward is that they fear disclosure of extremely private and potentially embarrassing information — without their consent. All too often, this fear is justified. …

4/3/2015 update: Students rally in support of Karen Stokes and transparency

Ally Brayton has the story in the Emerald here, and Diane Dietz has more in the RG here:

Dozens of University of Oregon students rallied at noon Friday in support of a counseling center employee who says she was fired because she was a whistleblower.

Karen Stokes, who was executive assistant to the director of the counseling center, announced she had been terminated in a March 26 e-mail sent to counseling center staff.

The reason, she said in the e-mail, was her public criticism of the university’s “unethical” collection of a student’s therapy records in preparation for litigation.

A UO spokesman said a week ago that Stokes wasn’t fired but merely “transitioning.”

On Friday, spokeswoman Julie Brown said Stokes is still in the university’s employ, but Brown couldn’t say in what position or capacity or whether her job was permanent or temporary. …

3/26/2015 update: It’s looking more and more like the story goes like this: UCTC Director Shelly Kerr told Karen Stokes she was fired. Stokes wrote the email in the RG story and sent it to the UCTC staff and the RG. Klinger was out of the loop, perhaps because he just was, perhaps because the admins don’t trust his judgement after his disastrous press release on the archivists. Someone in JH read the post on my blog or the RG website. They quickly told Kerr to back off, told Stokes they’d find her a job somewhere else at UO if she’d stop talking to reporters, and told Klinger to feed this to the press, pronto.

Update: The RG story has now been updated with a challenge from Duck Advocate and Presidential Spokesperson Tobin Klinger of Ms Stokes’s description of events. Purely coincidental, Klinger seems to think. Of course Klinger also thought UO wasn’t filing a counterclaim against the survivor of the alleged basketball gang rape – or at least that’s what he told reporters.

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MillerNash earns $36,672 defending Altman et al on sex assault allegations

As of March 10th. All but $5K was paid by UO’s insurance company. No answers from Dave Hubin’s PR team on the other questions at bottom, but somehow they think this is fully responsive. Here’s the 2011 Miller Nash bid to provide legal services to UO. A long post on the counter-claim that MillerNash attorneys Michelle Smigel and Michael Porter filed on behalf of Altman and UO filed against Jane Doe, and how the UO Senate and many others finally persuaded Coltrane to drop it, is here.

Initial Request Date: 02/27/2015
Status: Records Provided
Request Completion Date: 03/30/2015
This is a public records request for documents showing how UO is paying the Miller Nash attorneys. Specifically, I am requesting documents showing how much has been spent so far, and how much of that has been paid for by general academic funds, athletic department funds, and other sources such as insurance, UO Foundation money, etc

Dear Mr. Harbaugh-

In response to your request made 02/27/2015, the University of Oregon is a member of the Public Universities Risk Management and Insurance Trust (PURMIT). As of March 10, 2015 PURMIT has paid $36,672 on this matter. This total includes $5,000 deductible.

The office considers this to be fully responsive to your request, and will now close your matter. Thank you for contacting the office with your request.

Sincerely, Lisa Thornton

US Senator Wyden joins UO Senate in questioning Doug Park’s counseling records grab

3/12/2015 update: Rich Read has the story in the Oregonian, here:

Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., and the Faculty Senate of the University of Oregon both announced efforts this week to address an apparent loophole in federal law that allows sexual assault victims’ medical and therapy records to be released by colleges and universities. …

Interim General Counsel Park is trying to turn his $209K Interim gig into the permanent position as UO General Counsel. I’m guessing that when a U.S. Senator starts writing a law with the sole purpose of making it clear that what you just did was not just sleazy, but also unambiguously illegal, you’re probably not going to get a promotion.

Maybe Wyden will call it “Doug’s Law”, as a consolation prize.

Next up, a law protecting library circulation records from Doug Park.

3/9/2015: Doug Park admits mistakes were made getting Jane Doe’s counseling records for lawsuit

Josephine Woolington has the story in the RG, here, on Interim UO General Counsel Doug Park’s decision to get Jane Doe’s confidential counseling records and have his staff scan them to pdf, instead of sequestering them.

[Rumor has it that VP Doug Blandy has threatened discipline if Park doesn’t hand over the Zip Drive within 48 hours and remove all copies of the pdfs from the General Counsel’s servers.]

Park’s stupidity manages to get UO some exposure on NPR as well. From the Woolington story:

… The university had previously asserted that it legally accessed, but did not actually review, the student’s records — stored at the UO Counseling and Testing Center — after she told the university in September that she planned to sue.

He also said he should have received a written waiver from the student, allowing the UO to collect her records.

The 18-year-old student said she was raped by three UO basketball players last year. She filed a lawsuit in January against the university and head basketball coach Dana Altman for allegedly violating her federal civil rights by recruiting one of the involved players after he had previously been accused of rape at a different college, among other accusations. …

Word is that Park got the records via VPSA Robin Holmes, whose performance will soon be reviewed by the UO administration. Given that the Executive Leadership Team won’t even trust her to write her own Op-Ed, I’m guessing it’s not going to be a pretty review:

Coltrane unveils plan to throw $500K and better emails at sex assault problem

You can google $115K Duck Advocate Tobin Clinger’s report on Monday’s Campus Conversation in “Around the 0”, but the report from UO student reporter Daniel Bieker in the Daily Emerald, here, is better:

A member of the University of Oregon’s Senate Task Force Addressing Sexual Violence, [Carly] Smith, expressed her concern with the administration’s emails and asked whether the nature of the messages will change.

“Our messaging has not always been on the right topics or with the right message, and we’re working on that,” Coltrane said.

No shit. And who has been in charge of that messaging? Our Duck PR flacks, Tim Clevenger and Tobin Klinger. Starting from at least March 17, a week after the alleged assault, and seven weeks before the campus found out about it. How’s that for strategic discommunication?

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 10.14.51 PM

Coltrane’s “Campus Conversation” on sexual violence prevention fails

3/2/2015: Campus Conversation” on rape response, 4PM today, Alumni Center.

I couldn’t make this, but the word from others is that this was a massive fail, with Coltrane getting called out repeatedly by the students for his lack of progress and efforts to pass off the blame.

2/27/2015: How much is the athletic budget contributing towards Miller Nash’s legal fees for defending basketball coach Dana Altman? Anything? I don’t know. Let’s find out:

On Friday Feb 27, 2015

Dear Ms Thornton –

This is a public records request for documents showing how much UO is paying the Miller Nash attorneys who are defending UO and Dana Altman against the lawsuit from the survivor of the alleged basketball gang rape.

Specifically, I am requesting documents showing how much has been spent so far, and how much of that has been paid for by general academic funds, athletic department funds, and other sources such as insurance, UO Foundation money, etc.

I ask for a fee waiver on the basis of public interest.

2/26/2015, 4:20PM: UO drops counter-claim, but still blames survivor for “damage to a good man’s reputation”, and claims *she* is discouraging rape reporting.

This is a first for Johnson Hall: admitting a mistake. It took “Sven Praoc” and 2100 petition signers to get them to do the right thing.

No news on when Coltrane will apologize for his prejudicial allegation of an “unlawful release” of UO Presidential Archives. Baby steps.

Josephine Woolington has the story in the RG, here. It appears Coltrane got some lousy legal advice, either from UO attorneys Doug Park and Sam Hill, or UO’s hired Miller Nash attorneys, Michelle Smigel and Michael Porter

Coltrane, however, criticized the online petition that characterized the UO as having filed a lawsuit against the victim, as opposed to responding to a lawsuit. He said he was advised by attorneys that it’s routine to counter a suit.

“Their suit would have us pay legal fees, and I was told it’s typical when you respond” to also file a counterclaim, he said.

…  The UO’s updated response, however, still contends that Jane Doe’s attorneys “filed a lawsuit with unfounded allegations that damage a good man’s (Altman’s) reputation in an attempt to curry favor and gain traction in the media and create pressure for a public university to pay a hefty sum to (Jane Doe) even though it has done nothing wrong.”

The university argues that Jane Doe’s allegations threaten not only the UO and Altman, “but all sexual assault survivors in Oregon’s campus community.

“The publication of false allegations about Oregon’s handling of a report of an alleged sexual assault creates a very real risk that other survivors will wrongly be discouraged from reporting sexual assault and sexual harassment to Oregon,” which conflicts with the goal of a federal civil rights law, known as Title IX, the response said.

Say what? UO’s revised and sanitized response to the lawsuit is less intimidating to victims who might consider exercising their civil rights than was the previous version, though no less offensive:

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 5.19.23 PM

Full docket w/ old and new language here, thanks to

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UO therapists allege administrators acted illegally in basketball case

Update: Dahlia Bazzaz reports in the Emerald that UO may not have violated FERPA – just the laws of decency and common sense – by snooping around in this student’s counseling records, looking for information they could use against her in a lawsuit.

A lawsuit which she brought after having been (allegedly) gang raped by three members of UO’s basketball team, including one whom Coach Dana Altman had brought to campus despite (allegedly) knowing that he had a history of sexual assault.

Update: The Huffington Post has more, including the letter, which calls out the UO General Counsel’s office for special attention:

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Coltrane stalling on sexual violence reforms?

With the lawsuit over the alleged basketball rapes picking up steam, Johnson Hall is in a dicey situation regarding allegations they’ve been mishandling sexual assaults. Changes in procedures might imply that there was something wrong with the old procedures and increase liability. Sure enough, it seems like not much is changing. From Scott Greenstone and Lauren Garetto in the Emerald:

The task force’s responses were reasonable, but unswayed: Suspension of FSL is necessary.

That was three months ago.

Both sides agree that there is a problem, but neither has the power to do anything alone — both are waiting for the university to either suspend FSL or let it grow. But the university has yet to respond to nearly all of the recommendations, and unless it does, FSL will continue to grow.

And the Op-Ed from Psychology student Jennifer Gomez doesn’t pull any punches:

Dear Interim President Coltrane,

In your January 8, 2015 email to the UO community, “A message from Interim President Coltrane on sexual assault lawsuit”, you indicated that you welcome feedback from the campus on your progress. I agree with the open letter provided here by OASA ( I would like to express my additional concerns.

The purported shared goal of UO and its constituents is two-fold: 1. to prevent the experience of sexual violence and 2. to respond appropriately when such violence does occur.

Up to this point, with inclusion of the email you delivered January 8, the UO has both refused to acknowledge any culpability for both the reported distress by the student described in the email and the magnitude of the problem of sexual violence on this campus.

Case and point:

You have taken the time to write a disparaging email about a current lawsuit from a current student.

I am confused as to how the email you sent on January 8—a one-sided, punitive response to a lawsuit in which a student alleges institutional failures to prevent and respond appropriately to sexual violence—is consistent with your public position that the university must improve prevention and response efforts. Instead, your email is likely to both discourage students from reporting sexual violence and punish those students who do identify problems within the system. …

And for a more general discussion of the problem, there’s this, in Time Magazine:

… I’m especially aware of the culture of entitlement that some athletes feel as they strut around campus with the belief that they can do no wrong. This ridiculous notion certainly has contributed to the alarming statistics concerning athletes and rape. A 1995 review of reported sexual assault cases at schools with Division I sports programs found that although male student-athletes made up only 3.3% of the campus population at these schools, they accounted for 19% of sexual assault perpetrators and 35% of domestic violence perpetrators. Related research has also found that athletes are far less likely to be convicted of sexual assault than members of the general public. These statistics should be shocking, but sadly they probably aren’t to most people.

A major contributing factor to athletes becoming sexual predators is our culture’s need to elevate them to heroic status. Yes, they deserve praise for their accomplishments, but throwing a football or dunking a basketball shouldn’t make anyone a hero.

By some guy named “Kareem Abdul-Jabbar”, in Time Magazine, here. Read it all, It’s one of the best summaries I’ve seen on how universities have let themselves become corrupted by big-time sports.