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UO General Counsel’s office loses another one

7/29/2014: Johnson Hall sure is hard on lawyers. In 2010 President Lariviere fired GC Melinda Grier for hiding public records about Mike Bellotti’s contract, then appointed her assistant Randy Geller after what mounted to a failed search for a replacement. (It appears Gottfredson has rehired Grier on the side though). In 2013 Assistant GC Paul Kaufmann left without explanation,…

Eugene Weekly publishes more on rape allegations, letter supporting Freyd survey.

6/26/2014:The letter from a fellow of the American Psychological Association is here: The second part of the story by Camilla Mortensen is here. Meanwhile the Lane County DA’s decision on the NYT appeal of Dave Hubin’s redactions is due early next week.

6/12/2014: Eugene Weekly publishes story on Duck athletics and sexual assault

Just in time to be distributed to the Trustees at their meetings today and tomorrow, and to the parents visiting for Monday’s commencement:

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 12.00.03 PM

The report from Camilla Mortenson has a lot of history, including this from a student who reported an alleged rape involving a football player in 2001, and has now gone public with how UO responded:

After she reported the incident to the UO, Goodman says she received a 7 am phone call from former Ducks football coach Mike Bellotti questioning the accuracy of her recollection of that night. “I said, ‘I know you have a daughter and you wouldn’t grill her the same way.’” EW has contacted ESPN for a response from the former coach.

Given that President Gottfredson and AD Rob Mullens clearly hoped to cover up the March 8-9 allegations as well, it makes you wonder how many other similar assaults have been reported to the UO administration, and kept from the press and public to protect the Duck athletic program’s brand.

6/6/2014 update: UO removes all mention of Gottfredson from Commencement website

Old version below. New official UO website here. Gottfredson is off the website. Also the “Duck Walk” will now bypass Johnson Hall, the scene of many recent protests against Gottfredson’s handling of the March 8-9 basketball rape allegations.

Presumably they are printing the glossy programs now, didn’t want to have to go through them pasting a little “Interim President Coltrane” sticker over each mention of “President Gottfredson”. Not to mention having to deal with the pictures. Here’s Gottfredson’s 2013 speech: