Sign up for Senate shared governance

Monday 4/22/2013 is the last day to volunteer for appointments, and to run for the Senate and elected committees. List of who has volunteered so far is here.

To: Faculty, Officers of Administration, Classified Staff
From: Christopher Prosser, senate executive coordinator
Re: UO Senate Committee Service Preference Form 

Now is the time to sign up for an elected or appointed committee. To access the electronic form please click here

The electronic form will be active for two weeks starting today Monday, April 8, 2013.

Please note: If you click a box to run for an elected committee, your name will automatically be placed on the spring 2013 election ballot. 

The spring election will begin on Monday, April 29 and end at 5 p.m. on Friday, May 10.

In my opinion Rob Kyr has done a great job running the Senate for the past 2 years through some difficult times. We elected Margie Paris to be Senate President next year and I’m very optimistic. President Gottfredson has made the right noises about shared governance, but follow-through is going to require lots of participation. 

Oregon Commentator’s Hate Issue goes open-source

4/19/2013: From Editor Nick Ekblad, on the Commentator Blog:


So much that we made this hate document! 

Now is your chance to unleash your hatred at/for/via the Oregon Commentator! FREE SUDSY T-SHIRT FOR THE BEST HATE ESSAY 

Well-grounded hate is quintessential because its ugly alternatives are blind acceptance or forced compromise. This current trend in society to discourage or even denounce hate in its essence spells danger for the United States. We must not only keep in mind but assert the importance of upholding the right to hate, just as we have the right to free speech. As irrational or discomforting as it may sound, everyone has the right to feel how they feel. As a former Commentator once said: 

Sticking your head in the clouds and pretending the world is always a beautiful place may be appealing, but it is not reality.

The link goes to a google doc where students can help write the story. And don’t forget to check out the Journal of Hate Studies

UO Matters makes peace offering to Rudnick and Geller

4/13/2013. I made a mistake, and I want to correct the record and try to make amends.

I’ve been claiming UO’s Randy Geller has been paying Sharon Rudnick $400 an hour to run the administration’s negotiations with the faculty union. This was based on documents her HLGR firm gave Marion County Judge Thomas Hart, when they and Randy Geller were trying to get him to agree to double-charge the DOJ for Frohnmayer and Gary’s public records case over the consulting deal for Kitzhaber’s girlfriend. Long story, Pulitzer Prize winner Nigel Jaquiss had a piece about it in Willamette Week, here:


But in the latest UO invoices Rudnick’s rate is given as only about $300 an hour. (Frohnmayer and Gary’s rates are only $260 and $295 respectively, instead of the $550 and $450 they charged the DOJ, and got the Deschutes County taxpayers to pay them for their unsuccessful ethics complaint against DA Patrick Flaherty.)
Let’s assume that $400 really is Rudnick’s regular rate. Maybe she’s giving UO a discount because she enjoys the bargaining sessions as much as I do. Or maybe she just has a big heart, and feels that trimming a few % off the faculty raises is a public service that might help with the karma from her tobacco company work? 
But it’s probably better not to dwell on her motives. $100 is a lot of money when you multiply it by all those billable hours. And UO certainly needs the cash to build up its reserves. We should all be grateful to her, and I’ve been trying to think of some way to reciprocate. 
Ms Rudnick visibly and audibly lost it in the bargaining session when the union proposed calling her side “the administration”. The AAUP’s Mike Mauer then suggested using “the university administration” instead. While I’m sure Mauer’s intentions were friendly, if anything she now gets even angrier whenever she hears that phrase. I’m no behavioral economist, but I don’t think these outbursts are strategic. They can’t be good for building a reputation as a level-headed professional negotiator. And now the UO Senate has joined the nomenclature war, on the faculty union’s side.
A little set theory implies that the word “administration” is her trigger. So help me make peace between Rudnick and Mauer. Anyone have a good synonym for “administration” to suggest? I’ll make up new buttons, and give one to the reader with the best idea.

Liberation of the comments

4/11/2013: The people have spoken. More importantly, three of them have offered to help restock my depleted scotch reserves if I would drop the Disqus comment block. I was holding out for another bottle from Bean, but he took a UO junket to Oxford and brought me back nothing from World of Whiskies duty-free. Anyway, I’m going to be spending a lot of time screening spam about big penises and small mortgage payments:

Unions shift money from administration to instruction

4/8/2013: From a new study, as reported in the Chronicle:

His analysis found that having faculty unions led public universities to spend a larger share of their budgets on instruction, as opposed to administration. Over time, his paper says, universities with faculty unions consistently spent 2 to 3 percent less than others on administration, “a sizable amount given that university budgets often can exceed $500 million.” 

The paper says the higher spending on instruction at unionized public universities might help explain the finding that such institutions have significantly better student success rates, as measured by the share of students who graduate within six years, earn degrees, or complete some other academic program.

Bargaining resumes Tu, 8AM, 122 Library.