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Fiesta Bowl chief starts 8 month prison term

6/21/2014 update: The Arizona Republic has the story here. No word on how much Duck money was involved.

2/1/2013: No Policy Update: Duck administrators fly south for Felony Bowl

UO has no policy on free tickets or travel – not exactly “best practices” when it comes to claiming it’s exempt income, folks.

From: “Thornton, Lisa”
Subject: Public Records Request 2013-PRR-185Date: February 1, 2013 12:28:59 PM PST
Dear [UO Matters]-
The University does not possess records responsive to your request for ” a copy of UO’s policies and/or procedures on paying for travel and tickets to away games and/or postseason games”, made 1/28/2013.
Thank you for contacting the office with your request.

Lisa Thornton
Office of Public Records

1/28/2013: Ever wonder how the Ducks get our administrators to look the other way about the accounting tricks that leave the academic side holding the bag for millions in athletic department costs? Free junkets are part of it. The Fiesta Bowl has a long history of corruption, see here.

The life of a college basketball recruit, and the coaches cashing in on him.

6/1/2014 update: The Chronicle of Higher Ed has a fascinating story, here:

MARVIN CLARK JR. was sold. Fresh off a recruiting visit to the University of Oregon two years ago, he was convinced he wanted to play there.

He loved the Ducks’ fast-paced offense, the team needed a player at his position, and one of his youth coaches had played for an Oregon assistant. That was the type of edge that could help in a battle for playing time.

The campus wowed him. Everywhere he looked, he saw the Nike swoosh. The company’s co-founder, a big Oregon donor, had helped finance some of the nicest facilities in the country. For a kid who had spent time in homeless shelters, it seemed like nirvana.

A year ago, Mr. Clark made it official, committing to the Pac-12 program over more than a dozen other suitors. Around the same time, he had surgery to repair a fractured foot, forcing him to miss several months on the court. A fractured foot, surgically repaired with a screw, set Mr. Clark’s plans back a year ago.

He was prepared to graduate from high school last year, but Oregon’s coaches had encouraged him to spend a year at a prep school. The week he returned to the court, two Oregon coaches visited him there. It was his first game back, and it showed. After the game, he says, the coaches started to walk out of the gym without offering a word.

That night Mr. Clark hardly slept, fearing that he had lost his scholarship. The next day he called one of his coaches, who had been in touch with Oregon. Mr. Clark’s instincts were right—Oregon had moved on. …

5/12/2014: Did Lorraine Davis vet Brandon Austin?

NCAA to share administrators’ perks and family junkets with the players?

4/24/2014: This is a stunning development from the NCAA, reported by Rachel Bachman in the WSJ. It must be bitter news for UO’s FAR Jim O’Fallon, who has spent his professional life taking away kids athletic scholarships for just this sort of thing: Other changes that the five power conferences are likely to…

Athletics tutors gave indicted professor a “guest coach” tit-for-tat

That would be at UNC, part of what will likely be a long series of revelations: On three occasions, the records show two athlete support program counselors offered football tickets and food to Nyang’oro and his family. In one, Reynolds told Nyang’oro he would be “guest coaching,” which meant that…

Special Agent Lorraine Davis’s secret athletics assignment

8/14/2013: I will be very surprised if Oregon’s public records law actually allows UO to completely redact the job assignment for an employee receiving an $192,278 salary, at an 0.55 FTE: Full pdf here. While “The University” refuses to give faculty modest child-care allowances for attending talks and dinners with…

Who’s on first?

3/16/2013. What exactly are “the duties of the University President for the 2012 Rose Bowl”? And why did our students have to pay Lorraine Davis to go to Pasadena and perform them? Who knows. The real question is how much money VPFA Jamie Moffitt will let Johnson Hall spend on these…