Davis and Frohnmayer and Gleason are unacceptable as interim President

12/2/2011: These links will be updated as I get time:

Tim Gleason, Dean of Journalism is the latest name put forth by Pernsteiner in his efforts to stop Berdahl. I will post his contracts when I get them. Comments?

 From a senior admin with no dog in the fight, paraphrasing:

J-School is pretty small and he does not have a good reputation as a good administrator. Goes to central admin every times he gets in trouble, which is often. If Pernsteiner is going this far down the list, UO could certainly do better.

“Tim Gleason, the dean of the UO School of Journalism and
Communication, estimates that up to 40 faculty members may resign, at
least in part, over this.” On OPB.

Just looks unknowing in the first bit of the youtube video of his talkwith the journalism faculty. Mostly unobjectionable blah blah blah – just what UO needs more of.

Scott Coltrane: contracts on the way.

Frances Brohnet: contracts on the way.

Dave Frohnmayer: I thought I was going to have to fight against him. Turns out the faculty and students and administrators just laugh when I bring him up.

Lorraine Davis: Contracts here – note the last page, which I assume Lorraine asked to have added so that UO would have to pay for tickets and travel for her spouse to attend away football games. She gets a car too.

Link for why Jim Bean is unacceptable.

UO President Robert Berdahl (Interim)

12/1/2011: Yesterday’s meetings made it very clear to Governor Kitzhaber, the OUS Board, Chancellor Pernsteiner, and his mostly young and ambitious staff that there is only one clear way out of the disaster they have created for themselves: appoint Robert Berdahl as interim President and give him control of the search for a permanent replacement.

Otherwise they are all going to spending a lot time driving down to Eugene and talking to to a lot of pissed off people. The two best places to get info on Berdahl are at the Berkeley site and his well timed Op-Ed in the RG. For the faculty, his words sealed the deal:

… The chancellor and board have recklessly ignored the wishes of donors, alumni, faculty and students. They have signaled the academic community throughout the nation that innovative, courageous leadership will neither be sought nor tolerated.

If you want to be president of the University of Oregon, be prepared to knuckle under to the chancellor and the board and be wary of the promises of the governor.
Robert Berdahl was a professor of history and dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Oregon. He is a former president of the University of Texas at Austin; chancellor emeritus of the University of California, Berkeley; and president emeritus of the Association of American Universities (AAU).

Pernsteiner and his Chief of Staff Bridget Burns have been given a simple message from the faculty to take back to Portland and the Governor and Board: Convince Berdahl to take this job on his terms, or face 18 more months of what you sat through yesterday in the meeting rooms of the Knight law school and in Matt Court. The faculty assembly has another meeting Dec 7. Maybe you should come to terms before then?

OUS fires Richard Lariviere, in Paul Olum replay

11/29/2011: Steve Duin writes on OUS fail. Bill Graves of the Oregonian captures the craziness. People don’t often talk back to pandering buzzword spewing politicians, or laugh in their faces. We’d be a better country if we did:

Board member James Francesconi … “We cannot be a great state without a great UO,” he said. “But we can’t be a great state only with the UO. We need leaders who challenge us to be great, but not at the expense of others.”

Audience members laughed.

Board member David Yaden said the board still supported bold and creative leadership for UO. “Do not let mediocrity become a self-fulfilling prophecy,” he warned.

More laughter.

Board member Jill Eiland said the board needed the Lariviere supporters as “strategic partners.”

Audience members shot back. “It is an insult for you to challenge us,” said one. “It is a railroad job,” said another. “It is a sham,” shouted a third.

11/28/2011: Matt Donegan was pretty coherent – it turns out he’d put Lariviere on double secret probation back in June – and he allowed for some cathartic back and forth. Allyn Ford was sad, Francesconi and Kelly teared up. The rest of the board read insulting prepared statements – for a decision they are claiming was not made until the meeting? A sham and a farce. Their vote was unanimous – 30 days notice. Read about it in the papers. Meanwhile, mail off those public meetings petitions and email the requests that the Board to hold a public meeting to fire Pernsteiner like they just did for Lariviere.

Not pissed off enough? Just watch and listen to Pernsteiner at the post meeting news conference here. Donegan does not come off very well either:

<p>&amp;amp;amp;lt;p&amp;amp;amp;gt;&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;p&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;p&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;nbsp;&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;nbsp;&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;nbsp; &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;/p&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;/p&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;&amp;amp;amp;lt;/p&amp;amp;amp;gt;</p>

Two quick questions:

1) What sort of interim president will they cram down our throats? Lorraine Davis? Jim Bean?

OUS Job Opening (thanks to anon)

Wanted – Mediocre, milquetoast administrator with established track record of blind adherence to status quo to lead previously innovative state university. Successful candidate will be an experienced sycophant with proven past behavior demonstrating unthinking
compliance and submission to all local, state and bureaucratic agencies. Physical requirements include a strong, non-dominant hand grip strength to effectively rubber stamp all proposed initiatives – spine not required. Minimal need for creative thinking or bold
leadership potential required, and, in fact, such behavior may disqualify candidate. High likelihood of rapid placement, as projected applicant pool expected to be very, very sparse. If above qualifications are met, but candidate is not selected for current position advertised, application will be forwarded to Salem offices for consideration for another similar post and/or governorship.”

2) The elephant in the room was Chancellor George Pernsteiner. This WWeek story quotes Donegan as saying he and Lariviere were not even on speaking terms at the end. Ok – so fire Pernsteiner:

And his contract will be automatically renewed unless the OUS board acts by 12/31/2011.

George – here’s what we really think:

11/30/2011: Not everyone had a chance to speak their piece today. Send me more, I’ll post them.

Chancellor Pernsteiner,

At Monday’s meeting, the Board of Directors said that trust is vital to the relationship between our University and the OUS, and I agree. But the past few days have shown that this community no longer trusts the Board, and it especially does not trust you.

The overwhelming sentiment on this campus is that your leadership threatens to drive our University into the ground. Given this irreversible erosion of trust, my question is this: will you consider stepping down from the board so that our institution can continue to grow and thrive, or will you cling to power at the expense of the 27,000 students, faculty, and staff who believe in a bright future for the University of Oregon.

Thank you,
Ben DeJarnette

Link to DeFazio’s strong statement of support for Lariviere and a UO Board and for the end of OUS. Where were you last week Pete?

Professor Robert Z. Melnick knows Pernsteiner, and ripped into Pernsteiner and Ciuffetti at the assembly, pdf here.

Professor and former CAS Dean Joe Stone – who also knows Pernsteiner – explains how UO has sacrificed for OUS, and gives his advice on the appropriate “beau geste” for Mr. Pernsteiner.

One pissed off P. B. Shelley explains the next steps the UO community should take regarding the OUS Chancellor, Board and staff:

Men of Oregon, heirs of Glory,
Heroes of unwritten story,
Nurslings of one mighty Mother,
Hopes of her, and one another;

Rise like Lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number,
Shake your chains to earth like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you –
Ye are many — they are few.

RG storyOregonian story, KEZI video

Pernsteiner’s Schedule at UO

12/30/2011: (updated occasionally)

3PM faculty assembly now, streamed live, http://media.uoregon.edu/channel/2010/12/22/senate-live/

I will try to tweet, follow on http://twitter.com/uomatters

Professor Robert Z. Melnick knows Pernsteiner, and rips into Pernsteiner and Ciuffetti, pdf here.

 Assembly Motions (pdfs soon).

1) We love Lariviere. 

2) We want our own board,

3) No more BS – we want to be part of the search.

4) We want a public board meeting to review Pernsteiner’s performance and fire him. 


9:00 AM: P Met with CAS and AAA heads

10:30 AM: The deans, some students

12 – 2 PM: Senate Executive Committee. Short version? We told Pernsteiner Jim Bean was unacceptable, and that the only escape route for himself and the board was to convince Bob Berdahl to take the job. Here’s what happened, more or less live-blogged:

P: Intends to appoint interim head before 12/9 when students leave. Talking about search process. 6 or 18 month interim? Closed or open search?

Pernsteiner’s names: Berdahl, Frohnmayer, Bean, Davis, Hubin, Carla who?

Fac: We hear the CAS heads were unanimous for Berdahl. But the Deans were OK with either Berdahl or Bean.

Pernsteiner: believes board would support either.

Pernsteiner is put on the spot. Faculty will not accept Bean. He then agrees he would support Berdahl, believes he could work with him despite the RG Op-Ed.

But clearly Persnteiner supports Jim Bean. So do some students, alas.

Fac: Berdahl brings the CV, the reputation for working with other AAU.

P: Bean has not been an AAU pres, has not been on the AAU – but has on the ground experience. (Of course Berdahl was a former UO CAS Dean.)

Fac: What about Bean’s supposed medical problems and his supposed miraculous recovery? What about the fact Bean was appointed interim Provost, then Provost, without a search? Now he will be appointed Interim President, without a search? Just like Pernsteiner became Chancellor? Unbelievable!

Fac: going around the room, listing the problems with Jim Bean, and the deep support an respect for Berdahl. 

I am still waiting for someone besides Pernsteiner to say a word in support of Bean. Kindest so far is that if he’s well, we need him as Provost.

Fac: “The only way to restore the faculty’s trust in you (P) and the board is for them to appoint Berdahl, and quickly.”

UO Staff agrees. Still no word of support for Bean.

Pernsteiner is swallowing hard. He is wavering. Red faced. He gets us. He’ll probably screw us over again as soon as he leaves the room though.

Pernsteiner is now trying to figure out if he can weasel out of Berdahl – maybe because Berdahl might only take the job for 6 months?

Fac: telling him it doesn’t matter. Bean is unacceptable – Berdahl can help run the search for a permanent President. The man must have a hell of a rolodex, after running the AAU.

Pernsteiner is folding. He now sees that this is his only way out. The students are re-evaluating, want to hear more about Berdahl.

Pernsteiner is … ?

UO Matters asks the question of Pernsteiner’s contract renewal. OUS Board Secretary (and public records officer) Charles Triplett replied that the board has a meeting scheduled 12/15, and that he would let the Senate EC know when (if) that matter was added to the agenda.

Meeting ends with usual vacuous niceties – with an edge.

Pernsteiner appears before Faculty Assembly, 3 – 5 PM, Mac Court. Be there by 2:45.

The meeting will be streamed live, http://media.uoregon.edu/channel/2010/12/22/senate-live/

UO finds an interim President: Robert Berdahl

11/30/2011: From Robert Berdahl’s Op-Ed in the RG today:

… The chancellor and board have recklessly ignored the wishes of donors, alumni, faculty and students. They have signaled the academic community throughout the nation that innovative, courageous leadership will neither be sought nor tolerated.

If you want to be president of the University of Oregon, be prepared to knuckle under to the chancellor and the board and be wary of the promises of the governor.
Robert Berdahl was a professor of history and dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Oregon. He is a former president of the University of Texas at Austin; chancellor emeritus of the University of California, Berkeley; and president emeritus of the Association of American Universities (AAU).

He’s qualified, respected, extraordinarily experienced, and he certainly understands what Chancellor Pernsteiner is looking for. Will he take the job?

Unacceptable interim presidents. Sorry, but we’ve moved on:

Clearly unqualified, but apparently mentioned:

  • Jamie Moffitt, Robin Holmes

To replace Chancellor Pernsteiner:

  • Frog, Zach, Richard Lariviere, Donald Trump

    To Do for Wednesday

    UO Faculty votes no confidence in OUS Chancellor and Board – in 1987

    As President Lariviere has said, this fight is not about him, it’s about UO. So true: in fact we went through this before. Here is the statement from the faculty and students from 1987 when the Chancellor and Board fired President Paul Olum (from the UO archives) with the original signatories, but slightly edited to fit the current situation:

    WHEREAS the State Board of Higher Education and its Chancellor have acted to force the retirement of Paul Olum Richard Lariviere as President of the University of Oregon, and
    WHEREAS they have undertaken this action without any initial consultation with the faculty and students of the University of Oregon and then over the repeated expressions of protest from the faculty, students, staff, alumni and alumnae, and friends of the University of Oregon, and
    WHEREAS they have as a group declined to engage in reasoned dialogue and have thereby confounded the traditions of argument and persuasion on which higher education is based, and
    WHEREAS they have acted in defiance of testimony that their action will bring enduring injury to the University of Oregon, and
    WHEREAS they have provided the citizens of the State of Oregon with no credible reasons for their action until compelled to do so, and
    WHEREAS they have indicated by their action their lack of confidence in the President, faculty, staff, students, alumni and alumnae, and friends of the University of Oregon,
    BE IT RESOLVED that the faculty and students of the University of Oregon have no confidence in the current Chancellor of the State System of Higher Education or in the current State Board of Higher Education, and
    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the faculty and students of the University of Oregon urge the governor to take appropriate action to ensure the responsiveness of the State Board of Higher Education to the concerns of the faculties and students of the several institutions and the citizenry of the state.
    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the faculty and students of the University of Oregon urge the governor to appoint a commission to review the operation of the State System of Higher Education and to recommend ways to restore to the faculties and presidents of the individual institutions the essential powers over their own governance, curricula, executive appointments, and personnel decisions which the policies of the current Chancellor and State Board are systematically eroding.
    Eugene, Oregon
    December 2, 1987 November 30, 2011
    CO-SPONSORS (from, 1987)
    C. Melvin Aikens, Anthropology
    James R. Blanchard, Physical Education
    Thomas A. Brady, Jr., History
    Roger Chickering, History
    Lorraine G. Davis, School and Community Health
    Nilendra G. Deshpande, Physics
    Christopher H. Edson, Educational Policy and Management
    Michael J. Ellis, Physical Education and Human Movement Studies
    Peter B. Gilkey, Mathematics
    Marvin D. Girardeau, Physics
    Marion S. Goldman, Sociology
    Paul Goldman, Educational Policy and Management
    Arthur M. Handhardt, Political Science
    David R. Herrick, Chemistry
    Jeffrey M. Hurwit, Art History
    Richard M. Koch, Mathematics
    Gary M. Martin, Music
    Brian W. Matthews, Chemistry
    Glenn A. May, History
    Robert M. Mazo, Chemistry
    James M. O’Fallon, Law
    Stanley A. Pierson, History
    Myron Rothbart, Psychology
    Cheyney Ryan, Philosophy
    Everett G. Smith, Geography
    Davison E. Soper, Physics
    Joe A. Stone, Economics
    James A. Weston, Biology
    George A. Wickes, English
    Arnulf Zweig, Philosophy

    Statutory Faculty meeting, MAC court, 2:45 – 5PM Wed 11/30/2011

    11/29/2011: Dear Statutory Faculty and UO Community:

    There will be a STATUTORY FACULTY meeting tomorrow (Wednesday) Nov. 30 from 3:10 to 5 pm in MAC COURT.  The meeting will be preceded by a 10-minute University Senate meeting. We strongly encourage all statutory faculty* to participate and warmly invite the UO community to observe. …. Statutory Faculty are kindly requested to arrive at 2:45 pm to ensure that everyone is signed in prior to the beginning of the meeting.

    The tentative agenda for the meeting is:

    Statutory Faculty Assembly Tentative Agenda – Nov. 30, 2011
    Mac Court 3:10 – 5:00 pm

    3:10 pm  1. Call to Order
      1.1 Introductory Remarks, Robert Kyr
      1.2 Introductory Remarks, Chancellor Pernsteiner
      1.3 Remarks by other distinguished guests
      1.4 Question and Answer Period

    4:00 pm 2. New Business
      2.1 Motion President Lariviere
      2.2 Motion for a Process with State Board for the Creation of a local UO Board
      2.3 Motion for a State Board Review of Chancellor Pernsteiner’s contract

    5:00 pm 3. Adjournment

    The Senate President Robert Kyr and the Senate Executive Committee deeply appreciate your commitment to campus governance and to the future of our University.

    *”Statutory Faculty” is defined as the body of professors consisting of the University President, tenure-related officers of instruction, career non-tenure-track officers of instruction, and tenured senior officers of instruction.

    The meeting will be streamed live, http://media.uoregon.edu/channel/2010/12/22/senate-live/

    The Statutory Faculty Assembly exercises the authority granted to it in 1872, when the Oregon Legislature first decreed that the “president and professors constitute the faculty” of UO “and as such have the immediate government and discipline” of the University.  (Now Oregon Revised Statutes 352.010.)

    Bathroom break and OUS meeting video

    11/29/2011: At 5:05, after sitting for two hours pretending to listen to us, and right before the board members were to vote, Board member Paul Kelly announced he had a sudden need to go to the men’s room. The entire board filed out with him, coming back 10 minutes later. Any guesses as to what went on back there? Here’s his email address, if you want to ask: paul_kelly@ous.edu

    Here’s the link to the entire OUS meeting. I haven’t looked too see if it includes bathroom video: http://media.uoregon.edu/channel/2011/11/29/ous-board-meeting-11282011-with-uo-senate-testimony/

    UO on trial in Portland

    Live video of the OUS meeting will be streamed at http://ous.edu/state_board/meeting/webcast 

    I will try to tweet, follow on http://twitter.com/uomatters

    11/28/2011: Insidehighered.com with a comphrehensive story on “The Battle for Eugene” 

    11/27/2011: I’ll be going Monday, I encourage everyone to go. It takes bodies in the square to make things change. The UO Senate website give details on how to get there and what to expect. Apparently buses leave at 12:15 from the Jock Box. The highlights will be Senate President Rob Kyr and OUS Chancellor Dr. George Pernsteiner – plus of course the free dinner and drinks after, hosted by Phil Knight, time and place TBA. This UO Matters pre-news clip shows how it will go down. Hagemann and Pernsteiner are obvious. The young Rob Kyr appears in plaid. I’ll be in the back with the rest of you, coughing on cue:

    Public meeting on Chancellor’s contract renewal and terms

    11/28/2011: Time to change the OUS agenda: Please copy, edit as you like, and email to the list below. CC uomatters@gmail.com and I’ll keep a tally – hard for them to ignore a reasonable request like this, especially now.

    Dear OUS Board Chair Donegan and OUS board members:

    I’m writing to request that the OUS board address the issue of Chancellor Pernsteiner’s contract renewal, and specifically that you

    a) solicit input on Chancellor Pernsteiner’s job performance from OUS Presidents, administrators, faculty, and other concerned citizens, and then

    b) schedule executive and public meetings to address the issue as to whether or not his contract should be renewed, and if so on what terms.

    As explained below this matter is fairly urgent. If you do not act now, the Chancellor’s current contract will automatically review, with no opportunity for public input or for your own review of his performance.

    The Chancellor’s current contract, at http://dl.dropbox.com/u/971644/uomatters/Pernsteiner/Pernsteiner%20contract%202010.pdf automatically renews under its current terms unless your board meets and decides otherwise by 12/31/2011.

    The terms of Dr. Pernsteiner’s current contract are quite controversial. For example, the Register Guard has a long story in February, focused on his use of the Treetops mansion in Eugene. ( http://registerguard.com/csp/cms/sites/web/news/cityregion/25869291-41/chancellor-system-ous-state-university.csp ) This story was followed by several editorials in various newspapers raising questions about the expenses and legality of the arrangement.

    Other terms of Chancellor Pernsteiner’s contract are also problematic. As just one example, he has been unable to provide documentation of the $23,320 in “professional expenses” he receives under his current contract, as shown by this letter from the OUS Board Secretary: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/971644/uomatters/Pernsteiner/No%20Pernsteiner%20receipts%20110308%20PRR.pdf . Obviously this is not consistent with normal business or employee procedures. It is also not consistent with his own contract, which explicitly requires such documentation. There are other questions regarding OUS expenditures for his maid service, the mortgage on his private home in Portland, etc.

    Finally, Oregon SB 242 and SB 909 raise serious questions about the future role of the Chancellor’s office and job. Chancellor Pernsteiner should be asked to publicly explain how he sees his role in the future of Oregon higher education – and other stakeholders should be given a chance to explain how they see his role – before his contract is automatically renewed, without public discussion.

    I appreciate your consideration of this potential agenda item.


    email to:

    George_Pernsteiner@ous.edu, mdonegan@forestcap.com, matt_donegan@ous.edu, l.w.eiland@intel.com, jill_eiland@ous.edu, ciuffettl@oregonstate.edu, lynda_ciuffetti@ous.edu, allyn_ford@ous.edu, jim_francesconi@ous.edu, paulkellyjr@comcast.net, rosemary_powers@ous.edu, ppulliam@pcc.edu, preston_pulliams@ous.edu, kirk_schueler@ous.edu, dave_yaden@ous.edu, paul_kelly@ous.edu, ryan_hagemann@ous.edu, charles_triplett@ous.edu, Marcia_Stuart@ous.edu, Diane_Saunders@ous.edu@ous.edu>@ous.edu>@ous.edu>@ous.edu>@ous.edu>@brooksresources.com>@eou.edu>@hk-law.com>@ous.edu>

    Legislators tell Pernsteiner to back off

    11/27/2011: Maybe we made a difference:

    Letter #1: 19 legislators sign in support of Lariviere.

    Letter #2: 8 Eugene area legislators call for Pernsteiner to make no decision at the Monday meeting in Portland, using our GEC complaint closed meeting arguments of insufficient notice. (So, the meeting is on regardless and people should go!)

    still waiting for Letter #3: Legislators call for OUS to hold a public meeting to discuss non-renewal of Pernsteiner’s giveaway perk laden employment contract before the 12/31/2011 deadline to give him another year sucking on the government sugar tit.

    Vandals attack Treetops Mansion, official residence of Chancellor Pernsteiner

    11/27/2011: Or maybe the headline should read:

    “Chancellor Pernsteiner loots Oregon student’s budgets to pay for his mansions, maids and croissants”

    Sam Stites of the ODE has the scoop on the former interpretation, with some Aaron Marineau photos of the perpetrators fleeing the well manicured, spacious grounds of Treetops, OUS Chancellor Pernsteiner’s state owned and maintained 9,200 sq ft mansion. I swear the guy on the left is Frank Stahl. UO Matters deplores all senseless acts of vandalism, and this one is particularly senseless, since Pernsteiner’s money and the Treetops costs all come from student tuition and taxes. Guess who will pay. Here are a few other interesting Pernsteiner facts, in case you need something truly scandalous and corrupt to deplore:

    And his contract will be automatically renewed unless the OUS board acts by 12/31/2011.