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Hubin’s public records office uses fees and delays to hide docs

9/18/2014 update: Excluding duplicates, UO has received roughly 40 public records requests in the 90 days since June 18. Log here. That’s roughly two requests every three working days. They’ve got two staff, plus help from the GC’s office on redactions. Some requests are complicated, but many are simply asking…

Register-Guard editors call out Gottfredson as a timid paper-pusher

8/21/2014: I’m hoping Coltrane’s meeting with the RG editorial board goes a little better than Gottfredson’s did! 8/21/2013, here: … And if a president proves lacking in either vision of his own or the ability to execute the vision of others, the board can replace him. Gottfredson’s response to this…

Economist does the math, gives up Duck tickets for big TV and cable

8/17/2014: While UO’s focus on big-time college football has made millionaires of coaches and administrators like junket queen Lorraine Davis, it’s created some tradeoffs for fans. John Tapogna, president of the ECONorthwest economic consulting firm, gives his personal cost-benefit analysis of going to a Duck football game in this RG…

Interim President Coltrane appoints Frances Bronet as Interim Provost

From: “President’s Office” <[email protected]> Subject: Message from Scott Coltrane Date: August 8, 2014 at 2:16:42 PM PDT Reply-To: [email protected] Colleagues, The fact that I am greeting you as interim president is as surprising to me as it may be to you. When I stepped into the provost role a year…

UO Pres Mike Gottfredson resigns for $940K cash, Coltrane is interim

8/9/2014 update: Christian Wihtol reports in the RG that UO was not obligated to pay Gottfredson $940K. 8/8/2014 2:30 pm update: Still a beautiful day out there. Gottfredson’s separation agreement, here. $940K, half in cash within 5 days. Dr. Gottfredson agrees not to sue The University or its employees 8/8/2014…

NCAA to share administrators’ perks and family junkets with the players?

4/24/2014: This is a stunning development from the NCAA, reported by Rachel Bachman in the WSJ. It must be bitter news for UO’s FAR Jim O’Fallon, who has spent his professional life taking away kids athletic scholarships for just this sort of thing: Other changes that the five power conferences are likely to…

Scott Coltrane won’t share credit for UO raises with the faculty union? Wow.

Either Senior VP and Provost Scott Coltrane has lost his brain, or he thinks UO’s faculty has lost their memory. From Coltrane’s email today (full text after the break):

The UO was able to provide an across the board and merit process for all faculty and officers of administration in FY14. We are providing another across the board and merit process for FY15.

Thanks Scott, we appreciate this statement, really. But the truth is that “The University” fought the faculty union raise proposals long and hard, then bought us off with a $350 goat. And now Coltrane wants to take credit for the little bit of merit Gottfredson, Geller and Sharon Rudnick finally agreed to? Shame.

Really Scott? Not a word about the fact the faculty union contract requires that you implement these raises, or about the fact that the Lariviere plan, which you supported publicly and were prepared to implement as CAS Dean in 2009, and for which you had the funds, and for which you gave me the detailed spreadsheets for (OK, only after a public records request), would have meant raises sufficient to get UO within spitting distance of our AAU peers?

Come on Scott, you’ve got the permanent provost job now, you’re a better person than this, aren’t you? Because “The University” sure needs one.

Coltrane’s full email below:

Coltrane gets promoted to UO Provost job, search for CAS Dean to begin.

Coltrane is scheduled for a public meeting about the academic plan at 8:30 AM, Friday 2/14, Gehrlinger. From: “President Michael Gottfredson” Subject: Senior vice president and provost announcement Date: February 13, 2014 at 1:27:21 PM PST Reply-To: [email protected] Dear Campus Community, I am pleased to announce that our colleague Scott…

Provost candidate #3, Jorge Jose, VPR at IU

1/30/2014 update: Betsy Hammond of the Oregonian has some details, here. A more complete story here includes quotes from Conoley saying she had not sought the UO job, was approached by UO about applying, and made clear all along that she was interested in the Long Beach president’s job.

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 11.16.07 AM

#3 Jorge Jose statement and vita here (fixed). Public talk is Monday at 4:30 at the Art Museum. The schedule for his meetings with the usual JH suspects is here. JH has now removed the Jane Conoley info from their website, here’s a backup.

In other news, Coltrane will hold a public session on “academic planning” today at 3:00PM in Gerlingher. He’s posted a few docs here. Maybe he’ll tell us what our “clusters of excellence” and fundraising priorities are, and explain how Gottfredson picked them?