UO releases 2013-14 Clery Act report on campus fires and sexual assaults

After the Freyd survey on UO rape and institutional betrayal, and the news reports on the astonishing lengths the UO administration went to keep the basketball rape allegations (and what else?) out of these reports, it’s hard to take them very seriously, but there is some presumably reliable data on dorm fires in the report, here.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 8.30.11 PM

The statistics of interest are buried on page 91:

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Ducks paid sex offender $4,000 for football sex assault prevention talk

9/30/2014: Now with a report from KATU News. UO’s well-paid PR flacks Craig Pintens and Tobin Klinger were apparently not willing to talk about this one on camera:

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 8.55.29 AM

928/2014: It is, of course, common for repentant criminals to give “scared straight” talks about how their bad choices ruined their lives. But is a $4K payment for a keynote talk on sexual assault prevention really an appropriate consequence for trying to rape your daughters’ babysitter, in your house, while your kids are asleep? (Apparently he pled it down to sexual battery). And is Adam Ritz really the best poster-child for the athletic department to trot out? The AD’s accounting of their Sexual Violence Prevention programs is here. It’s pretty thin, as Coach Altman has admitted. Here’s one example – motivational speaker Adam Ritz:

“Keynote speaker for Football. Contractor to provide Alcohol Awareness/Sexual Assualt (sic) Decision Making. May 8, 2013”

Mr Ritz’s mug-shot:

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 10.08.55 PM

Adam Ritz’s contract with the Ducks (the pdf includes contracts for other “sexual assault prevention speakers” Elaine Pasqua, Tony Dungy and Lee Gordon):

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 10.12.44 PM

More links on Mr. Ritz, who appears to be making quite a good living from this:


From one article:

A good, or perhaps I should say bad example of this common mistake occurred at Minnesota State University, Mankato last month. The school paid Adam Ritz $2500 to speak to the students about the dangers of drinking. The event was sponsored by the Residence Hall Association, a fraternity and Men Against Violence. The Women’s Center expressed its opposition to the presentation but was ignored by these organizations including Men Against Violence which claims to be an ally of the Women’s Center.

Adam Ritz is a former local media personality. He is also a convicted sex offender. He reveals this as part of his presentation, but only towards the end. Mr. Ritz came home and attempted to rape the young woman who was baby-sitting his children. He was convicted, but served only six months and is on the sex offender list for his crime. His presentation sparked a controversy on campus that has spread throughout the country. A Facebook page was created to protest the decision to invite him to the school. Rather than treating the student body with a modicum of respect and addressing these concerns Mr. Ritz and the organizers of the program made many mistakes and I would like to look at them in hopes they can be avoided in the future.

Accordingly when the Women’s Center objected to the program with Adam Ritz, the male organizations should have recognized the Women’s Center as the experts on campus and stopped the program. Even better they should have consulted with the Women’s Center before scheduling Adam Ritz. It is unsurprising that they didn’t because they were exercising their privilege. Maya Angelou, the poet, says when people show you who they really are, believe them.

The many egregious, inappropriate and downright hurtful statements made by Adam Ritz illustrates why it is a bad idea to have perpetrators of sexist or other crimes based upon oppression speak to these issues.

A very bad idea. But worse than Tom Hart’s Russian motorcycle prostitutes powerpoint? Hard to say.

Where are Mike Gottfredson and Bob Berdahl on the rape allegations now?

We all know Mike’s $940K richer, and that he’s technically on the books at UC-Irvine as a Criminology professor for $240K a year. But what’s he really doing?

My guess is that he’s topping off that $240K with some serious AAU money – in the spirit of his mentor Bob Berdahl – to help develop the AAU’s new “Campus Climate” survey on sexual assault. This apparently became an AAU priority at their meeting in April, a month or so after Gottfredson (and Berdahl?) learned of the UO basketball rape allegations.

Frankly, it’s hard to imagine anything that would do more to destroy the AAU’s credibility on this issue than getting Gottfredson and Berdahl involved. But here’s the report from AAU President Hunter Rawlings, apparently posted by mistake on Gottfredson’s website, here: (Yes, the yellow hilites are in the original.)

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John Krakauer gets Montana football rape documents

The Student Press Law Center has the story, here:

Krakauer, author of “Into the Wild” and “Under the Banner of Heaven,” is working on a book about sexual assaults at universities and was seeking information about the 2012 case involving the university’s quarterback, Jordan Johnson.

According to the Helena District Court ruling on Thursday, the university must release the records to Krakauer — with redactions to the player’s name, birth date, social security number, address and phone number — within 21 days.

The court rejected the sort of FERPA claim that UO’s Dave Hubin and Doug Park are using to redact the hell out of the UO rape allegation cover-up records.

Admin yields to Senate on sexual assault, still hiding basketball docs

The RG has the story on Coltrane’s agreement to some but not all of the initial Senate Task Force proposals, here. From what I’ve read most campus sexual assaults are linked to athletics, fraternities, and alcohol. None of these initial recommendations target these problems.

Notably, Dana Altman and Rob Mullens have admitted that the athletic department does not provide any serious sexual assault prevention training for their athletes (unless you call Tom Hart’s presentation on Russian motorcycle gang prostitutes serious) and nothing in these initial recommendations will address that gap. But the RG quotes Coltrane:

“We feel like we’re doing enough to keep students safe this year.”

Ouch. Obviously the people on the Senate Task Force don’t believe this, and they will be proposing more action. Meanwhile not a peep from Coltrane’s secret $10Ka-head SARP, except that they’re not getting paid enough to investigate the JH coverup of the basketball allegations.

UO administration “being hysterical and wanting to do stupid things”

Sounds like a typical Johnson Hall weekday under our previous presidents, but this is about the basketball rape allegations. KATU TV has the report and public records, here.

“That was exactly the right decision,” [UOPD Sergeant Kathy Flynn] says in the voicemail [to the EPD], “and what should have been done and we’re trying to keep people from being hysterical over here because they’re being hysterical and wanting to do stupid things.”

Is Scott Coltrane going to come clean about how Gottfredson handled this? I don’t know. The KATU report is based on EPD documents. Dave Hubin is still hiding the UO docs. Blue means redacted because of “attorney client privilege” and green means redacted because of national security, I think.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 7.45.55 PM

Altman’s assistant Kevin McKenna got a $15K bonus from the NCAA tournament – he seems a bit nervous:

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 7.47.40 PM

Dana Altman’s lax recruiting practices continue, where’s Lorraine Davis?

9/17/2014: Justin Wise has the story in the ODE, here. After Brandon Austin you’d think Dana Altman would be a little more careful vetting his players, but apparently 2 of his new recruits have failed to meet UO’s academic standards (or those of the notoriously lax NCAA). No word if Lorraine Davis’s Special Athletic Admits Committee approved them. The IAC will take up a resolution tomorrow (below) to appoint a member to her committee.

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KATU disembowels UO’s new efforts to defend rape allegation coverup

President Coltrane is never going to be able to leave this behind until he releases the documents. The $10K a head President’s Review Panel meets again next week with a brief public session, and no evidence whatsoever that they are willing to ask hard questions.

Latest story here.

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UO won’t release emails, but accuses KATU of misrepresenting facts

UO’s PR flacks are making our university, our new interim President, and our new board of trustees look ridiculous, and we cannot afford to look any more ridiculous. Tyson Alger in the Oregonian:

EUGENE — The University of Oregon has responded to its alumni regarding a KATU story that ran Monday night suggesting that Oregon officials may have delayed the expulsion of three men’s basketball players in order to maintain the team’s academic rating.

Although the university declined to comment when reached earlier this afternoon, The Oregonian has obtained an email sent out to alumni late Tuesday evening that denounced many of the claims in the story.

“There are multiple errors in this story including inaccurate information about law enforcement activities, dates that should not be correlated to one another, and misrepresentation of the expertise of a retired UO faculty member,” the email states. “…The story hypothesizes that the university’s actions were driven by the NCAA-required Academic Progress Rate, or APR. This is inaccurate and that fact was conveyed to KATU. APR is calculated on a rolling four-year average with the latest data from a previous year, which makes transfers or scholarship non-renewals have significantly less impact than characterized by the story.”

The full email can be read below:

Dear Alumni and Friends,
KATU-TV aired a story series about the university and as an important friend of the UO we want you to have the most accurate information in case you get questions.

There are multiple errors in this story including inaccurate information about law enforcement activities, dates that should not be correlated to one another, and misrepresentation of the expertise of a retired UO faculty member.

The university took appropriate action when allegations were reported, and we are confident that our steps were necessary to ensure campus safety and integrity of criminal processes.

The story misrepresented the communication between the university and Eugene Police Department. EPD’s communications director Melinda McLaughlin told the reporter that EPD asked the university not to do anything that would compromise the investigation. The UO honored that request, and the police department was grateful.

The story hypothesizes that the university’s actions were driven by the NCAA-required Academic Progress Rate, or APR. This is inaccurate and that fact was conveyed to KATU. APR is calculated on a rolling four-year average with the latest data from a previous year, which makes transfers or scholarship non-renewals have significantly less impact than characterized by the story.

The story also tries to connect departures by former President Gottfredson, a chief human resources officer and general counsel as part of its timeline. The changes in leadership used in the news story are unrelated to one another and should not be connected in this manner.

Please visit the UO’s news website for facts regarding the university’s actions and thank you for your ongoing support of UO.

UO Public Affairs Communications

“Please visit the UO’s news website for facts?” That’s a funny one.

If Coltrane wants to build credibility he needs to fire these PR flacks and release the public records that Gottfredson redacted because of claims of attorney client privilege, frank discussions, and made up FERPA claims:

KATU accuses UO of hiding rape allegations to protect Duck basketball’s APR

Update: Troy Brynelson and Alex Cremer make it criminally plain, in the ODE:

The University of Oregon purposely delayed the expulsion of three basketball players in order to preserve its academic standing with the NCAA and financial incentives for members of the athletic department, according to an exhaustive investigative piece from KATU News.

Update: A long, substantive report tonight by reporters Dusty Lane and Joe Douglass, with many explosive allegations, including a well documented claim that UO delayed reporting the rape allegations to UO students in order to game the NCAA’s APR rules, and prevent penalties against Altman’s basketball program. Sick stuff.

So far, Interim President Coltrane is sticking with Gottfredson’s decisions to

  • not release the documents showing how UO responded,
  • shut down the Senate’s watchdog Intercollegiate Athletics Committee
  • appoint the remarkably complacent Tim Gleason as the replacement for FAR Jim O’Fallon – the man responsible for keeping track of UO’s NCAA “Academic Progress Rating”.

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 8.04.58 PM

9/8/2014: KATU reports on UO’s legal liability for alleged rapes – more tonight

Here’s last night’s story, including interviews with Cheyney Ryan (Law) and Interim President Coltrane. The report closes with the note that KATU will have more hitherto undisclosed info tonight about UO’s pattern of failing to appropriately respond to sexual assault reports.

Any bets on how Coltrane will split the cost of dealing with all this between the academic and athletic sides of the budget? Presumably the academic budget has been stuck with bill for the $10K honoraria and expenses of Gottfredson’s review panel, but that’s likely to be the least part of it.

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 11.41.23 AM

Live-blog of Gottfredson’s sexual assault panel open meeting

10-11 AM, 8/27/2014, Ford Alumni Center. As usual, nothing is a quote unless in quotes. About 35 in the audience, 7 panelists.

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 10.32.32 AM

Short version: Very strange session, basically a bunch of UO staff pitching the effectiveness of their various programs, no comments or questions from panel.

Chair Diets starts with intros. Asks for comments on prevention efforts.

Coltrane: Starts by calling panel extremely well qualified. Says it’s important to have public sessions, but much of the work must be confidential. Report will be public. Talks about “respectful college environment.”

Bonnie Mann (Philosophy chair): Hope you’ll have an event like this when students are here. Experience on crisis hotline, personal experience, importance of prevention and “culture work” for prevention. Can’t be done in a three hour workshop, given cultural problems. Wants required course in sexual ethics, to reflect on how you want to treat other people. Many qualified UO faculty to do this.

Rita Radowitz (sp? Admin working for Robin Holmes on sexual assault prevention): Wants to improve efforts to communicate what UO is already doing. Coordinate different programs.

Keith ? (UO Health Center): “Don’t rape” on a poster is not enough. If the only time students hear us talk about rape is after a publicized incident, they don’t take it seriously. Talks about cell phone app, now licensed by other universities. Need to incorporate our expectations to students on a daily basis.

Sam (HS teacher and grad student, director of women’s self defense project Warrior Sister Society, student of Jocelyn Hollander): Self defense works to prevent sexual assault, helps them set boundaries and it works because women *can* defend themselves. But there is only on UO self-defense course, in PE.

Rachel (Honors student): UO has an effect beyond campus. Also supports self-defense, gives evidence of effectiveness from a police led program in Orlando.

Carol Stabile (co-chair of Senate Task Force): Wants a “good samaritan policy” implemented on campus as short term goal. Long term goal may be a mandatory course. Also urges rethink of UO’s unusual mandatory reporting requirement and how to implement it.

?, Director of Residence Life: Shows poster they put on back of every dorm room. Runs sessions in residence halls, has increased number of RA’s in dorms to provide more 1-1 interactions with students.

?,: Talks about teaching students simple strategies to avoid date rape situations. UO does not have a staff person to deal with perpetrators who often stay on campus after disciplinary actions.

Susanne Hamlin, director of outdoor programs: Talks about need for telling students about rape reports as they occur, so they are aware. [Gottfredson apparently intended to keep the basketball allegations secret forever – but apparently the panel is not going to look into that.]

?: Also supports women’s self-defense programs. Research has shown more lights, call boxes, more cops have no effect on sexual assaults, while programs to train women on how to avoid attacks and defend themselves have been shown to be effective. Also important to tell women to tell men “what you are doing is rape”.

Schumacher, OSA: Wants to know what UO is doing about revenge porn. AG is looking into legal prohibitions, easier to implement on campus.

10:43 AM: Deits: No more speakers? Thanks, we’ll have more sessions when students are on campus. Adjourned.

Reporters doing their post-session interviews, panelists mingling, Tobin Klinger wandering around keeping an eye on things.

UO offered $10,000 to each of Gottfredson’s sexual assault panelists

Update: (Posts on prostitute warning, public records, and panel history here.)

Two weeks after my public records request, UO has finally disclosed what it is paying the panelists Gottfredson, Mullens, and Holmes appointed to review their response to the rape allegations and UO policies. $10K each, plus expenses:


The University of Oregon is paying the travel and incidental expenses of the panelists. The UO has offered an honorarium of $10,000 to the panelists to cover the substantial time and expertise dedicated to this review effort.

I think this is for four day-and-a-half meetings. Presumably Bob Berdahl will decline on the grounds that he’s already got plenty from UO, and only took the job to help out Mike. Trustee Mary Wilcox probably cannot accept this even if she wanted it. As he has noted in the comments, Judge David Schuman has turned down the honorarium and is acting as a volunteer.

8/25/2014: Gottfredson’s Sexual Assault Review Panel Chair denies panel is a response to basketball rape allegations

The panelists come to town Tuesday for their second secret meeting in an undisclosed location, and will then accept brief public comments on Wednesday, 10-11 at the Ford Alumni Center. KMTR TV had this report a few days ago, interviewing Chair Mary Deits (a former judge and expert on business/construction law, now working as a mediator for hire):

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 8.26.49 PM

KMTR says Deits is claiming that the panel is not a direct response to the basketball rape allegations. Seriously? She expects people to believe that? Here’s the guy who appointed her to his panel telling the UO Senate why he set up the panel:

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 7.13.07 PM

Not exactly trust inspiring. How much tuition money is this charade costing UO? I sent in a public records request two weeks ago asking for how much we’re paying for expenses and to the panelists:

Dear Ms Thornton and Mr Rikhoff –

The attached public records on former President Gottfredson’s “External Review Panel” note that panelists should contact Mr. Rikhoff for information about “the financial elements of this work”.

This is a public records request for copies of any documents showing policies for expense reimbursements for members of the panel, honoraria, of other “financial elements”.

I ask for a fee waiver on the basis of public interest.

No response yet. Any guesses on how much of the bill, and the time of Rikhoff and Jane Gordon (Law), who appears to actually be running things, will be covered by the athletic department?

Meanwhile Gottfredson appointee Javaune Adams-Gaston (Ohio State) has left the panel after one meeting, replaced by Jackie Balzer (Willamette):

Jackie Balzer
Jackie Balzer has been a leader in student affairs for higher education institutions in the state of Oregon for two decades. In August 2014, she was named the associate dean of Campus Life at Willamette University. She previously served as the vice president for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs at Portland State from 2011-2014, vice provost for Student Affairs at Portland State from 2008-2011 and as the dean of Student Life at Oregon State from 2003-2008.

Javaune Adams-Gaston
Javaune Adams-Gaston is the vice president for student life at The Ohio State University, where she oversees university operations including the student judicial process and student advocacy and crisis intervention. Prior to her arrival at Ohio State in 2009, she served in a variety of positions, including associate dean of academic affairs, assistant athletic director, and equity administrator at the University of Maryland. She earned her Ph.D. in psychology from Iowa State University.

Senate Task Force meets again, Coltrane to dissolve Gottfredson’s panel?

8/11/2014 update: It’s not clear what will now happen with the secretive “External Review Panel” that Gottfredson, Mullens and Holmes selected to review how their response to the March 8-9 rape allegations went bad, and how UO should address sexual violence in the future. Perhaps Coltrane will disband this panel, and express his confidence in letting the Senate Task Force do the job. Christina Belasco has a report in the Emerald on the most recent meeting of the Senate Task Force, with some background.

8/5/2014 update: President Kyr updates UO on Senate Task Force on Sexual Violence

UO President Gottfredson still refuses to release basic documents about his office’s response to the March 8-9 rape allegations. Now he has apparently ordered his “External Presidential Review Panel” to meet in secret – and perhaps not even talk to the press. But UO Senate President Rob Kyr and the Senate Task force are taking the high road. Their next meeting is Aug 7 in Room 115 Knight Library. Open to the public, as always:

To: University of Oregon Campus Community

From: Robert Kyr, University Senate President

RE: Senate Task Force to Address Sexual Violence and Survivor Support

I am writing in order to give you an update regarding the Senate’s Task Force to Address Sexual Violence and Survivor Support.

Continue reading

Bob Berdahl grills Gottfredson over Duck rape allegation cover-up

Jennifer Winters has the hard hitting investigative story in “Around the O, here. Just kidding, Ms Winters is one of Gottfredson’s many paid PR flacks, and her report is just what you’d expect.

Gottfredson’s (renamed) “Presidential Review Panel” had secret meetings Wednesday and Thursday. According to the post on his website, Gottfredson gave his hand-picked review panel a warmed over version of the speech that his “Senior Director of Integrated Communications” Ann Wiens wrote for him to give to the UO Senate, back in May:

In fact, the pervasiveness of this issue underscores the challenges before us. As a nation and as a campus there are profound social and cultural issues to consider. We have an opportunity to learn from others and to lead with our actions. etc., etc.

Senate video:

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 7.13.07 PM

While Gottfredson refused to appoint US prosecutor and UO alum Amanda Marshall to his review panel, it does include two retired judges. But if they, or his mentor Bob Berdahl, or the members appointed by our athletic director asked him any skeptical questions Gottfredson’s PR flacks are not going to report it. And if you want to try getting public records, Dave Hubin’s public records office is going to delay, redact, and charge out the butt.

So far Gottfredson’s committee is looking more like part of the problem than part of the solution. They aren’t even allowed to issue their own public statements?

Register Guard to sue UO over Gottfredson’s redacted emails

7/28/2014: Christian Wihtol has the story in the RG, here:

The next legal step for the newspaper will be a lawsuit in Lane County Circuit Court, said Wendy Baker, the newspaper’s general counsel.

“The rejection of our appeal leaves us with no option but to file a lawsuit against the university. Oregon Public Records law exists to preclude this kind of secrecy among our public servants,” she said.

Andy Greif has more in the Oregonian.

No word yet on whether or not the NY Times will join in, or on how much of UO’s student tuition money President Mike Gottfredson is willing to pay to Dave Frohnmayer and HLGR, to help him continue to hide the documents that explain his administration’s response to the March 8-9 rape allegations.

The opinion by DA Alex Gardner and Deputy DA Patty Perlow is here, along with the 2011 Kroger/Leith opinion they cite. My understanding is that neither opinion has any weight in court. Normal procedure is for the DA to get the unredacted documents and examine them to see if the redactions are justified. It sounds like Perlow really did not want to do that here:

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 8.22.24 AM

It’s a stretch, given that UO specifically color-coded many redactions not on FERPA grounds, but on a claim of attorney-client privilege (typically granted only for advice, not facts), or because they included “frank discussions” which might frighten the public. A statement from US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan on universities abuse of FERPA to hide documents is here.

In other public records news, the DA’s office has also gone with President Gottfredson’s claim that UO lawyers Doug Park, Samantha Hill, and John Salmon III are “faculty” and therefore do not have to release their resumes. Bizarre and secretive.

7/23/2014: The New York Times is not impressed by Gottfredson’s “sanitized” timeline and redactions

Chief Deputy DA Patty Perlow is handling this petition, for unredacted copies of the emails showing the UO administration’s efforts to cover up the March 8-9 rape allegations. There is another petition from the RG and Oregonian. Perlow has not yet ruled, but in response to a PR request she has sent me all the NYT petitions and UO’s responses. (No charge. For comparison, UO PR boss Dave Hubin wants $94.61 just to show the emails laying out the agenda and so on for Gottfredson’s “External Review Panel”.)

Hilariously, UO’s Interim General Counsel Doug Park is still refusing to sign his name to the responses he has written for UO. Or maybe he’s got a ghost writer, perhaps UO General Counsel Emerita Melinda Grier? In any case, the Times is not impressed by the UO’s arguments or President Gottfredson’s “sanitized” timeline. Their final response to UO begins:

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 11.26.52 AM

The RG and Oregonian have also appealed UO’s redactions to the DA. Documents on that should be available soon, at the moment I just have the petition.

  • NYT petition and UO response documents here (51 pages).
  • Links to the redacted cover-up emails etc. here.
  • Redacted U of Nike coffee mugs and t-shirts here.